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4K Ultra HD TV

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Registered: ‎03-13-2018
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Bravia XBR900C heat issues

Brought the TV around 15 months ago from local Best issues until recently when randomly the picture would go off or the sound for a second or two. Then we noticed how hot it was getting down at the base of the screen so I measured temp with my infrared temp gun @ 122 deg F...Called Best buy under the 5 yr warranty we took out, they sent a tech today who verified everything I had said and the temps measured. Then said they would order the "Main & Power Supply" and see if that cured the problems. Meantime I asked are we safe to use it he replied yes but switch it off to cool down now and then. I'm worried because the temp is ridiculous..I mean can it burst into flames etc


Then we have to wait until at least next Tuesday upon their return to see if the parts will fix the issue, if not then it becomes an ongoing possible dangerous saga for a TV we paid $2500 bucks for


I was also told if anything more develops to take pics or even a video of it in order to prove to Sony the TV needs to be replaced not repaired. It could have burst into flames by then


We currently have a standalone fan aimed at it to maybe help cool it and prevent any further major problems

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