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Every other second entire screens flickers XBR-65X850D Warranty or NOT?

After phone conversations and an internet chat with tech support explaining that the screen goes blurry and flickers with scrambled and distorted images, I finally was able to receive the following:


"We have reviewed the pictures that you sent. Good news! Everything appears to be in order. Within the next business day, we will begin processing your replacement."


Then I was sent another email stating the TV that was manufactured in September 2016 "Made in Mexico" wasn't under warranty.  I purchased the TV Dec 31, 2016.  Today is May 12, 2017, well under a year of manufacture date and purchase date.   I called Best Buy and asked if the warranty with Sony was good for a year.  And they said yes, Sony has a one year warranty.  I asked explained that Sony wouldn't honor the warranty because the TV I purchased from Best Buy was an opened box.  The rep, at Best Buy told me, all open box TVs from Sony sold by Best Buy come with the one year warranty.  Best Buy continues to say that today.  I even asked them to double check, they placed me on hold and verified . . . YES Sony has a one year warranty on all our products, regardless of if we sell it as "open box".    The TV I purchased as "open box" was brand new, all packaging was brand new, I don't think the TV was even close to being removed from the box.  Best Buy said they had to sell it as a open box, because the box wasn't sealed. When I purchased the TV, I thought everything was fine, and I was completedly sold on the fact that I was covered with a one year warranty by Sony.  Best Buy specifically guaranteed the warranty was for one year from Sony.  


So my question is why does Best Buy sell an open box TV with clearly explaining that Sony TVs have the warranty when, apparently Sony does not offer a warranty on Best Buy "open box" TVs?   Sony isn't offering any recommendations, or solutions, Best Buy is telling me Sony does honor the warranty on open box items from Best Buy?   I feel like I'm getting the run around.  It is very frustrating. 


The Customer Service people clearly told me that I was doing everything correctly and that the issue is a manufacturing defect, and they would replace the TV . . . then out of nowhere they just decline the whole thing.  I don't get it. 

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Re: Every other second entire screens flickers XBR-65X850D Warranty or NOT?

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Hi, Flicker


Welcome to Sony Community! 


We understand your situation and we are sorry to hear this experience. Our Technical Support already explained this concern. If you need further details on the warranty of Sony products, kindly check this link: This link can also be found here:


Hope that answers your concern. 


Best regards,





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Registered: ‎05-12-2017
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Re: Every other second entire screens flickers XBR-65X850D Warranty or NOT?

I would strongly encourage the Sony Team to work with the Best Buy team so that the associates are aware that you don't honor the one year warranty on the Best Buy promotions.  Best Buy team members continue to believe that Sony supports the one year warranty on all their products regardless if it is sold as an promotional "open box" deal.  


I believe Best Buy runs "open box" specials all the time.  I'm not sure if their "open box" phrase means the same thing as your "open box" phrase and therein lies the confusion.  I believe Best Buy uses this "open box" phrase as a promotional phrase and Sony uses the phrase "open box" as "damaged goods, do not buy open box if you want a warranty."  


I can guarantee you that the "open box" TV I bought did not mean "no warranty" when I purchased the TV.  And this is not how the TV was sold to me, it was in brand new condition, and it was a promotion. And I was definitely told there was a one year warranty.


Best Buy has been extremely helpful and kind and frankly they are still totally baffled that the Sony WarrantyTeam wasn't willing to help.  Best Buy did an exceptional job of resolving the concern.  The Geek Squad came and saw that there was a manufacturing defect in the panel.  They diagnosed the problem as "ghosting".   I believe they are now researching the "open box" differences in nomenclature.  

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