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HDR Brightness x850d

I'm hoping that I just have things setup wrong but I really would ilke to increase the brightness of my HDR on my Sony x850d. I'm trying to watch The Defenders on Netflix and as soon as the show starts I see a very noticeable step down brightness. Granted, I probably like it to bright but during the dark scenes it's very difficult to tell who is who, or what is going on at all.


Is there some setting in the Action Menu (or elsewhere) that I can use to punch it up a bit?



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Re: HDR Brightness x850d


Hi, Bdobson


Welcome to Sony Community! 


Try to change the brightness settings by following the steps below: 


Press the ACTION MENU button, select [Picture adjustments] — [Advanced settings], and adjust [Brightness] or [Contrast]. Check here for other details:







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Re: HDR Brightness x850d

Unfortunately that's already been done. This is, at least in my case specifically a problem with Netflix and HDR. The picture is just fine and then the moment the television switches to HDR mode it's like a gray film comes down over everything. I've had to resort to watching The Defenders through my Apple TV not in 4K.


I did chat with Netflix who said it was a Sony issue, I chatted with Sony who said its  Netflix issue. 

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Re: HDR Brightness x850d

Hi Bdobson,


Welcome to the SONY Community!


We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. In addition to the steps you've performed, we recommend following the steps below.


While the 4K HDR movie title is playing, press Action menu button, scroll down to Advanced settings and set the following settings:

  • Brightness tab:
    • Black adjust: High
    • Advanced contrast enhancer: High
  • Color tab:
    • Color: 60
    • Color temp: Cool
  • Clarity tab:
    • Sharpness: 75
    • Reality creation: Auto
    • Random noise reduction: Auto
    • Digital noise reduction: Auto
  • Motion tab:
    • Motion flow: Custom
    • Clearness: min


To View 4K (50p/60p) or HDR Videos on an Android™ TV

  • It is necessary that your TV has the latest software installed.
  • Connect your TV to a 4K or an HDR device using a high quality, high-speed HDMI® cable.



View 4K or HDR videos at 18Gbps

  1. Use an HDMI cable that supports 18Gbps to connect the source device to your TV.
  2. On the supplied IR remote control, press the HOME button.
  3. Under the Settings category, select Settings.
  4. Under the TV category, select External inputs.
  5. Select HDMI signal format.
  6. Select Enhanced format.






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