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4K Ultra HD TV

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KD-43XE8099 is a huge disappointment

Luckily the TV was purchased for office use as I am a tester, because it is to me a huge disappointment. I am a sony fan (see my name here), I have at home everything Sony: 3 HD TV's, PS3, PS4, Blue-Ray reader, Sound System. So, I chose a Sony TV for test purposes in the office and here is what went wrong:


1. Impossible to register the TV on Sony site: apparently model KD-43XE8099 does not exist in the Web system.

2. What a disappointment to find out that pairing a Bluetooth Bose headset is not possible

3. I then tried to use a transmitter to pair with the headset, which worked but the sound delay is way too large and it is impossible to watch TV under such conditions. I got rid of the transmitter and plugged another headset directly connected to the "Headset jack" at the back of the TV (working fine).

4. I connected a sound bar via Optical connection, working fine, untill I come into the situation where I get sound on both the soundbar and the headset. If I then increase the volume, I hear the volume going up and down as I set it, but on both devices even though the TV shows the headset icon, as if I was only modifying the volume for the headset (another fail).

5. Having tried to connect the Bluetooth Bose headset, I let the TV look for Bluetooth devices and it seems to have found the sound bar and paired with it, even though I have not set the sound bar in pairing mode and the TV never told me it found a Bluetooth device to pair with. I then turned Bluetooth off on the TV but it still connects to the sound bar via Bluetooth (as shown on the display of the sound bar), even though I want it to connect only via Optical and use the sound bar when I decide it.

6. HDMI or HDCP problems cause the sound to go muted for a second every now and then, and when that happens I see the Info appearing on the TV, displaying the resolution, as if we had to re-negociate the HDMI connection, again and again.


All in all, quite a disappointment and confirming the fact that I still do not want to buy a 4K TV, as there is not enough content in 4K yet. However, I am less sure than before if I will buy another Sony TV when I go 4K. I am very disappointed and that is the first time with a Sony product.


I had a software update immediately when plugging the TV in and it is now running Software version PKG6.2671.0070EUA


Will any of those issues be addressed in a future software version? I wonder.

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Re: KD-43XE8099 is a huge disappointment

Hi Stony,


Welcome to Sony Community!


Greetings and thank you for your message. On this site, we are able to provide assistance for customers in North America. For further assistance regarding your product, we highly recommend visiting our Sony Global Web site for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at




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