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Re: Loud Beep with latest firmware XBR-65X850E

[ Edited ]

How about an update from SONY support on this problem.    I still have some time to return this TV and would like to know if and when you are going to fix this issue. much damage is possibly happening to the speakers in this TV from these loud beeps.  How about a solution or at least some answers.

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Re: Loud Beep with latest firmware XBR-65X850E

I only have until the 31st. I'm going to give them until the 30th and then it goes back. I already sold my Panasonic plasma, not sure what I will do now; what a fiasco.
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Re: Loud Beep with latest firmware XBR-65X900E

These 2 things that cause the beep for me on Spectrum: 1) using the guide tune to a premium channel that you don't subscribe to. I get a solid beep that does not stop
2) from anything on the DVR going from fast-forward to play (i.e. skipping commercials) gives me a 1-2 second beep when you hit play
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Re: Loud Beep with latest firmware XBR-65X900E

Having exact same problem

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Re: Loud Beep with latest firmware XBR-65X900E

i would not update
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Re: Loud Beep with latest firmware XBR-65X850E

[ Edited ]

The following is the chat transcript I had today with a Sony chat helper. I pertinent parts are in bold. My comments are in italic bold.
Chat begins:

  • Tyler (C9HS)10:11:46 AM
    Welcome to Sony Online Video & Sound Chat Support. My name is Tyler. Please allow me a minute while I review your concern.
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:12:41 AM
    If I understand the issue, while using cable box, the TV makes loud beep sound. Am I correct?
  • You10:13:03 AM
    Yes. After I installed the latest upgrade
  • You10:13:29 AM
    How do I revert to the previous version or factory settings
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:15:01 AM
    Thank you for the information. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. I will be glad to help you.
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:15:24 AM
    I would like to inform you that we cannot downgrade the software version on the TV once it is installed to newer version.
  • You10:15:40 AM
    Can I go back to factory settings?
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:16:16 AM
    Let's follow a few troubleshooting steps and check if that resolves the issue. Is that okay with you?

    Notice that Tyler does not answer my questions about the factory settings.

  • You10:16:24 AM
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:17:02 AM
    To be sure that we do not get disconnected due to inactivity on chat, please make sure you respond within 5 minutes. This way we can make sure to be connected and troubleshoot on this issue further.
  • You10:17:16 AM
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:17:29 AM
    Some cable or satellite set-top boxes allow the user to select a specific output setting. Change the following output settings on the set-top box:
    Video output: 1080i
    Audio output: stereo, PCM, or LPCM
    4 x 3 Override: Off
  • You10:18:11 AM
    I had a technician from Spectrum come to the house yesterday. Those settings do not exist for my set top box
  • You10:18:34 AM
    So there is no way I can do what you just told me to do.
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:18:54 AM
    Thank you for letting me know.

    This part is important. Sony doesn't seem to know that the settings don't exist for some boxes.

  • You10:19:04 AM
    What's next?
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:19:06 AM
    Please follow the below troubleshooting steps:

    This is a very long section. If you want to, you can skip to the end where I tell him the problem is not resolved.

    1. Unplug the power cord and all the connections of the TV from the electrical outlet.
    2. Let the TV remain without power for two minutes.
    3. Plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet.
    4. Turn on the TV.
    5. Please make sure that you have unplugged all the HDMI cables also.
  • You10:19:52 AM
    I understand steps 1, 2, 3, and 4.
  • You10:20:29 AM
    But when am I supposed to replug the HDMI cables? I wont be able to see the cable without them
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:21:01 AM
    Yes, you are correct. You need to re-plug all the cables and turn the TV on.
  • You10:21:14 AM
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:21:35 AM
    Please unplug the power cord of the cable box and rest the box with out power for a minute.
  • You10:22:44 AM
    I just unplugged the power cable. Oh, you want me to uplug the cable box?
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:23:11 AM
    Yes, you are correct.
  • You10:23:35 AM
    OK. Everything is unplugged. So I'm starting the timer for 1 minute
  • You10:24:19 AM
    But it's going to take about 4 minutes for the cable box to reboot. So I will continue to type messages so we don't get disconnected
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:24:23 AM
    Thank you and I really appreciate your efforts and patience.
  • You10:24:48 AM
    I will do whatever it takes to fix the problem
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:25:27 AM
    I can certainly understand how problematic that could be for you. Please be assured, at Sony, we make sure to give the best out to our consumers and always stand behind our products.
  • You10:25:40 AM
    OK, I'm going to give the cable box back its power.
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:25:51 AM
    Sure, go ahead.
  • You10:27:18 AM
    The TV is still without power and the HDMI cable is not plugged into the TV. Should I wait before plugging the power into the TV. And the HDMI cable?
  • You10:27:49 AM
    Or should I wait until the cable box has rebooted?
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:27:54 AM
    Please re-plug all the cables and turn the TV on.
  • You10:28:13 AM
    OK. But the cable box is still rebooting.
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:28:20 AM
    No worries, you can plug the cable box.
  • You10:28:36 AM
  • You10:31:05 AM
    I'm back
  • You10:31:27 AM
    The TV Android system is booting
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:32:28 AM
    Perfect! Please check if the issue is resolved and let me know.
  • You10:32:40 AM
    The issue is not resolved

    End of section

  • Tyler (C9HS)10:33:13 AM
    In this case I suggest you to perform factory reset on the TV.
    IMPORTANT: Performing a factory reset will remove all customer settings in the device including apps, channels, and wireless network settings. Is that okay with you?

    We now have a conversation about what will happen from the factory reset. Notice that it took 24 minutes before the technician gets down to my initial questions.
  • You10:35:12 AM
    Before I do that, let me ask what will it mean that I no longer have the updates I did to the TV for the past year? I can't stay without some of those updates, correct?
  • You10:35:49 AM
    It's only the update I did yesterday that is the problem.
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:36:08 AM
    I would like to inform you that the new update will be replaced by the old one so the older version will not be available.

    I think Tyler got confused because the above sentence doesn't make sense.

  • You10:36:30 AM
    Also, has Sony checked to make sure going back to the factory settings does work?
  • You10:37:10 AM
    I don't want to revert to factory settings and then find out nothing is fixed
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:38:04 AM
    We have got a permanent resolution which is by changing the settings in cable box.

    OK, we're back to changing the settings in the cable box which Tyler has been told don't exist.

  • You10:38:51 AM
    There are no settings in the cable box to do what you told me to do.
  • You10:39:13 AM
    I spoke to Spectrum and had a technician come to the house.
  • You10:39:43 AM
    So you don't have a permanent resolution.
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:40:54 AM
    Well, as of now we don't have any other information apart from changing the settings in cable box. However, you can contact us later so that we would have permanent solution for you.

    The above sentence is called the "Get rid of this woman. She can't be helped."

  • You10:41:23 AM
    Have your engineers found a permanent solution for the cisco cable box from Spectrum?
  • You10:42:13 AM
    Have you spoken to the engineers? Have they looked at the cisco cable box from Spectrum?
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:42:34 AM
    Yes, we have the information from them and you need to turn off Dolby audio settings to PCM on the cable box to resolve this issue.

    Actually that can't be the information about the cisco box.

  • You10:43:07 AM
    Would you please tell me where I can do that? It doesn't exist on the cisco box
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:43:19 AM
    Please allow some time so that we will release another update which will resolve the issue.

    Once again I've been told to go away for a while.

  • You10:43:48 AM
    Do you admit that there is no setting on the cisco box to go to PCM?
  • You10:44:18 AM
    When do you expect to release another update which will resolve the issue?
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:44:22 AM
    As it is a non Sony product, we are not aware of the settings of cisco box. Some of the cable boxes has the settings to change audio settings.

    As anyone who has ever done beta testing of hardware or software knows, you HAVE to connect your product to third-party items in order to find out if it works. Sony has to know this. Especially since the cisco box and Spectrum are not minor players.

  • Tyler (C9HS)10:45:00 AM
    As of now we do not have any official information related to release date of update. I hope it will be released soon.

    Tyler is showing his frustration as I suspect I'm not the only person with the problem. And he's tired of dealing with customers like me.

  • You10:45:21 AM
    How can your engineers fix the problem if they don't work with a cisco box? Shouldn't they have one in their workshop to test things on?
  • Tyler (C9HS)10:45:42 AM
    As you are valuable customer to Sony. I'll take this as feedback and forward it to our superiors to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

    Tyler is reverting to the canned responses to the customer. It also seems that he has terminated his part of the chat. But he hasn't told me. So I continue for a little while.

  • You10:46:08 AM
    That is a script response.
  • You10:46:32 AM
    I would like to talk to your superiors
  • You10:48:03 AM
    Are you aware that this problem has been reported to Sony since January 17? And it may be even before that.
  • You10:49:40 AM
    That is over 9 days. Since the update broke the Sony TV, I would expect the engineers to be more proactive. And to have a cisco box so they know the settings

    Finally I get it.

  • You10:50:24 AM
    But it seems that you have stopped answering me, or have walked away, or you are waiting for me to die
  • You10:51:00 AM
    I will not stop typing. And I hope not to die before this problem is resolved
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Re: Loud Beep with latest firmware XBR-65X850E

I went through that 3 times yesterday. I kept asking about the software downgrade and (in my case) what error code is it when my TV flash red 8 times. Never got an answer. Their chat is useless aside from canned response telling you to reset, but they wouldn't let me talk to a higher up until I completed those steps, which the higher up also made me do and told me they can't help so someone would call me back in a few days to see if (and this is the kicker) an engineer would see fit to set up a repair! Not only did their update messed up my 2 month old TV, but I have to wait to see if I'm worthy to get it looked at by a tech?! The update didn't even benefited the 900e! It adds Dolby Vision for their higher end models and would have been nice if the update message said so rather than having to check online to find out. 

als Apprentice
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Re: Loud Beep with latest firmware XBR-65X850E

[ Edited ]

Vectorbabe - Thanks for sharing the chat. I had basically the same experience. It seems their support staff are not aware of the real problem and ask you to go through steps that will not resolve the problem. I did reset to factory settings and it did nothing to help. Also they told me they would send me an email with steps to take but that never came. 


Sony needs to

1) withdraw this "upgrade" so others don't get it.

2) let customers know what they plan to do and give us an estimate for a time fix, 

3) educate their support staff that this is a problem that can't be solved by the steps they are asking you to perform.

4) Have a more robust testing method for the software especially when you cannot roll back to the previous version.

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Re: Loud Beep with latest firmware XBR-65X850E


Use your social media to expose this problem. Make sure to include the @Sony and @Sonytvusa or whatever country you're in in your message.

Perhaps the negative publicity/press will help jolt their engineers.

Social media is the real power for consumers.

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Re: Loud Beep with latest firmware XBR-65X850E

I have taken action in posting on social media.  I was the first to report this problem to them.  Have spent seven hours of life on the chat, and on the phone with them.  Last they told me mid to end of February it would be fixed.  

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