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4K Ultra HD TV

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Registered: ‎10-02-2013
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Media player hook up on a 4k.

I just purchased the 4K and 4K media player. When I asked the sales person he told me media player hooked up to the TV via HDMI cable. leaving only 3 empty HDMI ports leave to hook up additional equipment. Is this the case? It would seem for a TV this advanced that would not be well thought out. He also told me that to get the best picture I should run everything video straight to the TV and then run the audio back to the receiver. Thanks for the help.

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Re: Media player hook up on a 4k.

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The X1 player connects to Sony 4K televisions through HDMI(4) input on the TV.  This does leave 3 other HDMI inputs, of which I'm using two, one for cable box and the other for Blu-ray player.


At this point, I run all components to the TV.  That way I can use the really cool menu on the XBR.


Ten years ago, I had an ES receiver that had 12 inputs, but I also had a laserdisc player, CD player, DVD player, three VCR's, two reel-to-reels, a two transport cassette player, tuner... you get the point.  


The number of external components has decreased significantly as technology moved forward.


At some point, if you own more components, you can use the receiver inputs as a sub-switcher, running one feed to the TV.  The X1 will still need to do a homerun to the television.



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Re: Media player hook up on a 4k.

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I think they have reduced the number of imputs partly due to the fact that now a days, one component in your system can do multiple things; think about all the things your bluray player can probably do; play dvd, cd,bd, netflix, youtube, run files off a usb stick, show photos, serve as a dlna server, and the list goes on and on...

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