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4K Ultra HD TV

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NO 4K streaming on VUDU!?!?

Are there any plans on allowing Vudu to stream 4k content on any of the 4k TVs. I was disappointed when I found this out and would hate to spend another $100 on a 4k streaming device that allows Vudu to stream 4k.

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Re: NO 4K streaming on VUDU!?!?

Hi Ricofig20,


Welcome to the SONY Community!


Can you post the exact model number of your TV so we can take a closer look into this matter? 






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Re: NO 4K streaming on VUDU!?!?

From what I understand, VUDU only allows 4k streaming on some LG and Vizio models at the moment.  Otherwise, you will need a PS4 Pro, XBOX One S, or various roku device.  I would imagine, however, that VUDU will expand the list of available smart TV's.  This would be more of a question for VUDU rather than Sony I would imagine. 

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Re: NO 4K streaming on VUDU!?!?

What about xbr65x800b?
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Re: NO 4K streaming on VUDU!?!?

I'm not the original poster, but I have a model XBR49x800d and have been told by Vudu that they do not support any Sony models currently. They had no information as to when that support will be added. Holy cow there are *so* many movies I want to buy or rent from them in 4K.....


Vudu does support 4K through the Chromecast Ultra, but I have actually been unable to find a solid answer as to whether the Sony's onboard Chromecast is an Ultra, with 4K, or just HD. You'd think this would be easy enough to test, but every site that I know of that has 4K content (Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc.) just opens through an app on the TV when I try to run it through the Home app on my phone, not through the Chromecast.

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Re: NO 4K streaming on VUDU!?!?

As i saw on reddit, people said sony needs to pay vudu for development of a 4k app. They currently have 4k apps on several devices...lg, vizio, chromecast, roku, etc
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Re: NO 4K streaming on VUDU!?!?

I have recently purchased a Sony XBR-75Z9D television and I too am amazed and shocked to find that my new television does not have a version of the VUDU app that will play the UDH material that the TV is specifically promoting.  To add to my disappointment the Sony Ultra 4K TV application, although it will play 4K video, supports basically the lowest grade sound quality (close to DVD quality).  How is that possible!!  Sound is a MAJOR aspect of enjoying a movie and the Sony app doesn't even support this vital key portion of that experiance.  What was Sony thinking !!!  VUDU not only supports the best HiDef technology it also supports great sound like Dolby Atmos.  Sony needs to get it's act together and do whatever it needs to do to make it possible for Sony 4K TV owners to be able to view 4K movies using the VUDU application like LG and Vizio already do.  I thought Sony was the best TV with the most advanced features. Looks like I was wrong. If Sony doesn't take this seriously and get VUDU 4K capability, I'm sure others, like me, will have to consider purchasing the next TV I need from a different manufacturer so that I will not be limited in what type of media I can and can't enjoy in 4K or be required to purchase additional peripheral equipment in order to fully enjoy any purchased or streamed 4K movies.  Please, PLEASE listen to all your disappointed Sony TV owners and get this huge lack of capability under control.





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Re: NO 4K streaming on VUDU!?!?

No 4k on Vudu, and the Sony Ultra 4k App has no 5.1 surround sound (what is this - 1995?).

It's killing me. There are so many 4k movies we want to rent and we just can't. I can't justify an $8 rental from Ultra with 2 channel stereo audio
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Registered: ‎09-17-2017
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Re: NO 4K streaming on VUDU!?!?

I think it is beyond rediculous that this is still an issue.  I almost feel duped, buying this Sony 4k TV.  I mean, one of your featured apps is Vudu.  I have 220 movies with Vudu and I was looking forward to buying 4k titles through that service.  I think we are all pretty much screwed here, because this issue has been talked about for years with NO resolution.  I will certainly not buy a sony TV in the future.

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Re: NO 4K streaming on VUDU!?!?

I can't explain Vudu's choice not to provide 4k, but the Sony Ultra app sends dolby digital to my receiver - try the previews, not the just the trailers.

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