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Registered: ‎10-30-2017
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Netflix 4K HDR too dark



I was watching on NETFLIX the second season of Stranger Things and the image on my XBR-55X855D was so dark to the point that there were scenes that seemed to be all black.


I thought that was really strange and started watching using my Xbox One (1080p, no HDR).


The difference was so big that I started to watch the episode from the beginning all over again.


I've tried to change image settings on my XBR-55X855D tv but with no luck of getting the image brighter. 


I really don't know what to do. I hope that this is a Netflix app problem because if all HDR content start to appear that dark, I will have to change my TV set. 


Is there something I can do to solve that?


Thank you.

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Registered: ‎11-07-2017
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Re: Netflix 4K HDR too dark

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Set the picture settings hdr to auto then turn up the gamma + 1 also turn black level up 5 and saturation to your liking it naturally seems to get darker or a tint look but if u get the gamma black level saturation and contrast right it looks decent not the best but decent you too fell victim to beliefs that the tv would look way brighter what you actually get is brighter contrast as dumb as that sounds sorry for the giant run on

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Re: Netflix 4K HDR too dark

I have the same issue with darkness.  The video tweaks you recommend do help but nearly enough to correct this problem.  Interstingly, it does not happen with all programming but much of the Netflix HDR catalog is unwatchable to me right now and this is very frustrating.  I have a similar thread on this site.  I would relly like someone from Sony to chime in.  This is a big problem.

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Re: Netflix 4K HDR too dark

You're not the only one. I switched back to my Apple TV (1080p) as well to watch Black Mirror. It's just Netflix, though. I watch 4K HDR files through Plex and VLC, and they look perfect. Dark scenes on HDR Netflix shows are gray blobs. It's like the TV doesn't know what to do with the signal.

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