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Netflix Sound Not working on 65X850C

Hello,I just bought this set.  When I go to Netflix I tried to watch Daredevil, no sound out of Digital Audio sound bar that works great with all regular TV channels.  On my Amazon Fire box I had to go into sound and change it to digital audio and it works fine.  Using the Netflix App on the TV there is no place to change the sound to digital audio within the Netflix App.  Any ideas?

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Re: Netflix Sound Not working on 65X850C

From the X850C FAQ in my sig...should help you. 


To send audio from the TV to your audio system use Audio system setting:
Home>Settings>Sound>Speakers.  Choices: TV Speakers, Audio System. Set to Audio System to send sound to your audio system via HDMI/ARC or Optical output from the TV to your receiver or soundbar, instead of using the TV speakers. If you wish to use ARC (Audio Channel Return) to transmit audio from the TV to your receiver, that must be done via the HDMI 4 port on the TV to your receiver.

To output Dolby Digital 5.1/DTS from the TV to your audio system via optical out or ARC/HDMI users have found the best results w/the Auto 2 setting: 
Menu path: Home>Settings>Sound>Digital Audio Out. Choices: Auto 1, Auto 2, PCM. IMPORTANT: Set to Auto 2 to output DD 5.1/DTS from the TV sources when it is available. This setting seems to be required on most setups - though one user reported success w/Audio 1. (Could be whether you're using ARC or Optical out). The TV Speakers setting should be set to Audio System, per above, of course. To use ARC, connect an HDMI cable from HDMI4 on the TV to your receiver's HDMI input to send audio to your receiver via HDMI. Receiver must also support ARC. See more on required ARC settings below. 

The most this TV will output is DD 5.1 and DTS, and stereo PCM.  HD audio - DTS HD, DD+, Dolby True HD, etc.,  are not supported. The TV may convert other formats to 5.1. NOTE: The Amazon app currently does not support DD/DTS, you'll only get stereo. Netflix provides DD.


ARC audio out requirements: 


The simplest way is to connect an HDMI cable from HDMI4 on the TV to the ARC HDMI input on your receiver or to your soundbar's HDMI connection. All inputs from an AVR to the TV can go over that cable, and the Audio Return Channel on the TV uses HDMI4 to send sound from the TV to the AVR or to the soundbar.

Audio settings required on your TV and on your connected device(s) to use ARC:

* Home>Settings>External Inputs>Bravia Sync settings; Enable Bravia Sync
* On your connected device (usually receiver or soundbar), enable Bravia Sync (Sony device) or HDMI-CEC (non-Sony device). Companies use different names for HDMI-CEC - see table to the right for some examples. You need to figure out if your device supports HDMI-CEC and what they call it in the menu structure of the device so you can enable it.
* Home>Settings>Sound>Speakers. Set to Audio System
* Home>Settings>Sound>Digital Audio Out. Set to Auto 2 to output DD/DTS surround sound when available.
* Use the HDMI4 connection on the TV - that is the only ARC-enabled HDMI port on the TV!

When using ARC with the X850C it is common to see both the TV's and your receiver's volume display on screen when changing volume. This is just a visual issue, and there is othing you can do about it, it's an annoyance that you will have to ignore.

NOTE: When using ARC you may need to completely reboot or power off both the tv and receiver if you are having issues.

First try rebooting them (long press on Power button on TV to reboot TV, turn receiver off/on). If that doesn't work, completely unplug the TV and receiver, wait 30 seconds, then plug back in. sometimes there's weirdness with HDMI.

2015 X850C FAQ for Setup, Picture settings, 3D, HDR, DirecTV 4K, and Troubleshooting.
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Re: Netflix Sound Not working on 65X850C

Not sure if you resolved your issue yet, but I found that this worked

Settings/Sound/Digital Audio Out...set it to PCM

Sony XBR55X700D
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Re: Netflix Sound Not working on 65X850C

Thank you. This helped us too. We just connected our 55X900E to sound system. TV was not switching to Netflix, internet sound.

Both Auto 2 and PCM worked. We left it at Auto 2. We had to reset as you explained. Auto 1 didn't work.

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