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Registered: ‎06-10-2017
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No HDR with Sony UBP-X800 and LG UH8500

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I have recently purchased a new Sony UBP-X800. 


For the purposes of analyzing this problem I have connected it directly to the HDMI1 port on an LG UH8500 which is supposed to be UHD with HDR support.   This connection takes my AV receiver out of the issue.


I have the HDMI1 port set to Deep Color on the LG. 


Using the OUTPUT VIDEO RESOLUTION setting on the Sony X800 SETUP I get the test screen using any resolutions EXCEPT AUTO, ORIGINAL, and 4K.    The test screen never appears for those.


Then if I set turn off Deep Color on the LG HDMI1 port all OUTPUT video resolutions work in the Sony SETUP and I can view 4K discs on the LG.  


But of course they are shown in SDR not HDR.


Both the LG UH8500 and the Sony UBP-X800 are at current firmware levels.  I am using a brand new high speed HDMI cable that supports Deep Color.


How can I see my UHD discs with HDR?   Am I doing something wrong?   Some incorrect setting?




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Registered: ‎08-13-2014
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Re: No HDR with Sony UBP-X800 and LG UH8500

Jerome, I have the Sony UBP-X800 and an LG UH8500 75" TV. I have not had any issues.


I use the HDMI2 port on the tv, as it has ARC because I use a Sony sound bar which performs 4k and HDR pass through from the Blu-ray player to the tv. The HDMI2 port on my LG tv is set to Deep Color. I then have the bluray player set to OUTPUT VIDEO RESOLUTION "4K." Not that it matters but I also have the upscale to 4K feature of the Blu-ray player set to auto and I have the tv screen size set to "75 inches." When I load a 4K Blu-ray that has HDR like IMAX: Rocky Mountain Express, or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, HDR briefly displays in the top right of the LG tv screen. Try a different HDMI port.


Have you had success displaying HDR while viewing netflix or amazon? It is difficult to say whether or not your tv's HDMI ports are the problem or the Blu-ray player. If you are within the exchange period, I would say exchange the Blu-ray player to see if that solves the problem. Best of luck to you.

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Registered: ‎06-10-2017
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Re: No HDR with Sony UBP-X800 and LG UH8500

I think I have this working as of yesterday.  


I did a power recycle (unplug, pause several minutes, replug) on my HDTV (in effect a reboot) which I had not done since the latest firmware update on the good suggestion from a BB Geek Squad person.    Then HDR seemed to work with a direct Blu-Ray to HDTV connection.


I also did the same for my AV Receiver which also got a recent firmware update.   Then I reconnected through my AVR and that also seems to work.   The receiver is a Yamaha RX-A2050 and the Advanced Setup has Mode 2 for 4K option on.


Watched two 4K movies with HDR on last night.   Rocky Mountain Express and Passengers.   Both were wonderful to view and enjoy.


Now today to see if things remain after a normal shutoff overnight.   If the problem reappears I may replace the high speed HDMI cables with another brand.


By the way RME has to be the best all around railroad movie I ever saw.


Have not tried using Amazon or Netflix yet.


Thanks for your suggestions and concern.

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Registered: ‎06-10-2017
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Re: No HDR with Sony UBP-X800 and LG UH8500

Well I am still enjoying the visual experience that is HDR.    The key towards getting this working for me was not only applying the latest firmware updates but doing a power recycle on all 3 of my components: UHD player, receiver, and UHD TV.

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