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PKG3.915.0139NAB System Update

I don't see it as available yet for download or more information in the Support section, but my XBR-65X850C had an update waiting for me this morning (10.03.17). 


No information was available as to what it addressed (or what the new version was) when selecting 'More Details', but since I've experienced - let's say - less than stellar performance from the set since installing the previous update (ending in 0137NAB), I took an unceremonious leap of faith, restarted the TV and let it do its thing.


The result is new version PKG3.915.0139NAB.  I've searched high and low for information on this version and can find nothing.  I can tell you this information from Settings / About:


Android security patch level:

August 1, 2017






SVP4KDTV15_UC-user 6.0.1 MMB29V.S41 3.915 release-keys


What they leave in, what they take out - I don't know.  Perhaps it is just me, but the set does appear to be a bit snappier responding to the remote for nav, selection and volume control.  YMMV.


Thus far, no problems, but inquiring minds like mine would really like to know if this is just a security update, or if it is designed to address some of the shortcomings of the previous build & possibly add (or, in the case of Twitter) remove features... 

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Re: PKG3.915.0139NAB System Update

Update: It's been made available via Support pages.  Not much for information, though:


This software update (version PKG3.915NAB) provides the following benefits:


  • Improves general performance of the TV
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Re: PKG3.915.0139NAB System Update

Didnt come through for me then saw this on download page.


"WARNING! This update is NOT currently active, Do NOT install this update at this time."

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Re: PKG3.915.0139NAB System Update

Update came through on one of my XBR55X850D’s but not the second one. So far so good 😊.

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Re: PKG3.915.0139NAB System Update

[ Edited ]

I see this update is also available for the XBR55X810C.


Anyone try it out yet and can give some feedback? I have held back on any updates for quite some time now based on all the issues users have been reporting.


Maybe this one is the 'golden' release this fixes these issues?

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Re: PKG3.915.0139NAB System Update

[ Edited ]


Hi Gregthecanuck,


Welcome to Sony Community!


Yes, this latest software version was released 10/03/2017 for your TV(XBR-55X810C).


The section below provides a list of benefits provided by previous updates and included in the latest System Software Update.


- Adds support for (Hybrid Log-Gamma) HDR content via HDMI input (does not apply to the XBR43X830C, XBR49X800C,       XBR49X830C, XBR55X810C, XBR65X800C and XBR65X810C models)
- Reduces input lag for 4K HDR gaming (does not apply to the XBR43X830C, XBR49X800C, XBR49X830C, XBR55X810C,   XBR65X800C and XBR65X810C models)
- Updates the system software to Android™ M (Marshmallow)
- Improves the general performance of the television
- Adds support for 4K Live/NeuLion® Sports digital video technology
- Improves general software quality of the TV
- Improves RVU support
- Adds Twin Picture (PAP function) support
- Resolves a condition where a black picture may occur after performing a remote Off/On (KDL-75W850C)
- Supports PlayMemories Online service
- Supports PlayStation™ Now service
- Improves Wi-Fi connectivity of the TV
- Improves picture quality (dynamic range, noise reduction, sharpness)
- Supports Netflix® streaming service (4K Models)
- Improves Lip Sync for HDMI input
- Improves performance and stability of the USB video playback features
- Resolves a condition where a black screen and no sound may occur when an input changes from YouTube® to another input
- Resolves a condition where a black screen may occur during USB video playback
- Supports Internet-based EPG (Electronic program guide)
- Supports Netflix streaming service (2K Models)
- Supports Amazon®, Pandora®, and Crackle™ applications
- Supports Force Reboot by holding down the Power key on the BT or IR remote controller
- Improves performance and stability of overall UI operation
- Improves performance and stability of the Action Menu


You can also check these items from this link.


If you need to update your television, you can check the guidelines from this link.





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Re: PKG3.915.0139NAB System Update

Hi Jay -


Thanks for the info but you are repeating what is already available online.


I am looking for end-user feedback on the stability/reliabiilty of this release. Previous releases have been a bit of a train wreck with slowness/crashing issues. Until I hear some good reports I am staying put on an older, stable version.



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Re: PKG3.915.0139NAB System Update

After installing this update today Version PKG3.915NAB my YouTube APP could not log in. I called Sony Support only for them to tell me that my XBR-55X850C is OUT OF WARRNTY and they would not assist in this update they sent to my TV that messed it up aformentioned.Every time I tried to log into my Youtube APP it showed an error.


Alas the tech lady finally did send me an email with general non-specific instructions to correct.


Later I went into the Google play store APP and signed in there then updated all APPS. Thereafter everything functioned ok. Why could'nt the Sony rep just tell me this since she said it was a known issue...

MCT Enthusiast
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Registered: ‎11-11-2017
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Re: PKG3.915.0139NAB System Update

After applying the Oct 2017 update,  there seems to be degradation of the picture quality.  


Loss of sharpness, detail

Colors somewhat more washed out

More artifacts (particularly in motion content)


It's a little hard to describe because some content still looks good, but other content does not.  Almost like the upscaling is not working correctly.


There was another post on different version of the update (PKG6.2669.0070LAA) that has a very good description.


Anyone else experiencing the same issue?


I have called and chated with Sony support, but can't get to someone knowledgable enough to discuss the issue.


Thanks for any info or suggestion,


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Re: PKG3.915.0139NAB System Update



Welcome to the SONY Community!


We are sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused you. Can you provide the exact model number of your TV? And if possible, can you attach a picture of the TV showing the issue? 



Best regards,




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