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Sony 75X940D Update crashing home network as of Feb 24th

Need some help.


I awoke last Friday to find my home network crashed.  By this I mean all of my wired windows based computers had lost network connectivity, no DNS getting through from router,  All my unix based systems like Sonos just disappeared from the wire.  


I have over 35+ devices in my network, so it took most of the weekend to isolate the Sony TV.  I ran virus, rootkit, malware checks on everything.  I was clean.  So I took everything offline and re-added one at a time.  The minute the Sony was connected it brought down the network, and if I went into setup all it said was it couldn't connect.


Has anyone else experience this?  Keep in mind I was using the network connection for Netflix and Amazon Prime just up until this just happened.  I have the AV company that I work with checking, they also have a Sony in the showroom causing issues, so I'm guessing other are seeing this.


I have to assume an update of some sort caused this.  I did NOT apply anything myself, not sure if Sony pushes anything automatically.


Any thoughts? 

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Re: Sony 75X940D Update crashing home network as of Feb 24th

Hi Soundman192,



Welcome and thank you for considering the SONY Community!


We are sorry to hear that the TV coudn't connect to the network. Upon checking, there's no new update for the TV, the last update was release October 26, 2016. To isolate the issue, you may perform a power reset first before we proceed with the network setup.


Follow the steps below to restart the TV.

  1. Using the supplied IR remote control, press and hold the power button until Power off appears on the TV screen. (Approximately 5 seconds)

    NOTE: The TV will turn off.

  2. Approximately, after a minute, the TV will turn back on automatically.
  3. Connect the TV to your network once restarted.

If the issue persist, additional troubleshooting steps can be accessed here.



Best regards,



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Re: Sony 75X940D Update crashing home network as of Feb 24th

I had this exact same problem with my new Sony TV.

I had it connected to network via LAN: then swich with a computer, another smart TV (Samsung), and PS4; then LAN to router directly.

A week ago my internet went down, my router was not accessible from any computer at all on the network.  Thinking this was my router I swapped it out with an old one.  Most devices came back online except all the devices connected to the same switch the Sony TV was connected to.

Thinking that switch or cable was bad, I troubleshooted LAN cable back to router (good), tried another switch at LAN cable with none of those devices connected (good), then connected those devices including Sony TV to the new switch and nothing worked again connected to that switch.  My computer would even freeze up when I tried to change the network settings on the adapter, so I thought it was the computer (this was when computer was on same switch as Sony TV).

So I started testing each device on that switch individually connected to network switch, and when the Sony TV was connected via LAN it would say not connected to network LAN and NONE of my devices on that switch would connect either.

I unplugged the Sony TV from that swich and they all worked and got IP and could access the internet.

I have done a factory reset on the TV, then connected it via WiFi and did a System Software Update.

Sure seems to be working now again, but I definitely DO NOT HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THIS TV to not crash my network again, and frankly I have concerns this TV could be hacked, turned into a network router, changing IPs of my other devices, and allowing network access to hackers outside of my home network.

This is very disappointing and extremely concerning to me and making me consider isolating this TV on it's own network so it can't see any of my other devices.  This blows because I wanted to use the TV to access media streaming devices on my network but now I CAN'T EVEN TRUST THIS TV TO BE SECURE.

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Re: Sony 75X940D Update crashing home network as of Feb 24th

Any resolution to this? I bought an X75850D top of April and was working well but as of 3 days ago it is crashing my wired network. I'm factory resetting it now but I wonder if there's a better (permanent) fix to this as I'd rather have it connected wired as opposed to WiFi.

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Re: Sony 75X940D Update crashing home network as of Feb 24th

Same here. This has been happening for months but I finally got frustrated enough to search this forum. I have the TV wired to a switch that is wired to my router. My wired network will go down and I have to unplug the TV from the switch and restart the TV and then reconnect it. My wireless network is unaffected. 


I am am going to unplug the TV from the switch and use wireless for now. Not a very good solution but I do not see a fix on the horizon. 




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Re: Sony 75X940D Update crashing home network as of Feb 24th

Hi Diabolik,


Welcome to Sony Community!


We are sorry to hear this issue with your unit. Let's isolate the issue by following the

troubleshooting steps from this link.





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