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Registered: ‎12-30-2014
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Sony Bravia 4K remote problems....

I have a new Bravia 4K TV and everything works great except the remote. All the buttons on the remote respond quickly to my tv/cable box except the "enter" button. For example, let's say I type in 34 and then press enter to go to that channel. When I press enter nothing happens unless I press enter repeatedly. I may ahve to press it 6-7 times before it will respond and go to the channel. Sometime it will not respond at all. Like I said, all the other buttons, functions respond quickly except the enter button. Any help here would be appreciated because I'm stumped.


And yes, I did change the batteries. Smiley Happy



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Re: Sony Bravia 4K remote problems....

Hello afthree, welcome to the community website! Thank you for your message. 


Follow this procedure to troubleshoot if the TV does not respond to the supplied remote control.

1. Remove the batteries from the remote control.
2. Press each button on the remote control twice.
3. Make sure none of the remote control buttons are jammed.
4. Install fresh batteries into the remote control.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the batteries are inserted in the (+ and -) direction shown inside the battery compartment.
5. Make sure nothing is blocking the Infrared (IR) sensor on the TV.
IMPORTANT: Some locations can interfere with the IR signal from the remote control. Glass enclosures, as well as fluorescent or halogen lights, may prevent the IR signal from reaching the TV.
6. Point the remote control at the IR sensor of the TV.
7. Press the POWER button and other buttons to test TV operation.
IMPORTANT: Do not hold down the POWER button too long. Doing so may prevent the remote control from operating the TV.
  • If some of the remote control buttons operate the TV but others do not, the remote control may need replaced.
  • If all of the remote control buttons work, no further troubleshooting is required. Otherwise, continue troubleshooting below.
8. Try using the remote control at varying distances from the TV.
IMPORTANT: Using the remote control too close or too far away may prevent the IR signal from reaching the TV.
  • Turn the Light Sensor setting to OFF.
  • On the TV itself, press the HOME button on the TV.
  • Using the up arrow or down arrow select Preferences.
  • Press the INPUT button.
  • Press the up arrow or down arrow to select ECO.
  • Press the INPUT button.
  • Use the up arrow or down arrow to select Light Sensor.
  • Press the INPUT button.
  • Press the up arrow or down arrow to select OFF.
  • Press the INPUT button.
9. Power reset the TV.
10. Make sure the TV has the latest system software (firmware) update installed, if applicable.
The troubleshooting steps above should resolve the issue. If you completed all the steps and the issue is not resolved, service may be required or the remote control may need replaced. Contact the Customer Experience Center at (239) 768-7547 to speak with a service representative for further assistance.
I hope this post helps you to resolve your concerns. 
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Registered: ‎11-27-2016
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Re: Sony Bravia 4K remote problems....

I am having the same remote issue with the Speak button.  It works intermittenly at best.  May work 1 day a week or every third day.  I"ve updated the software several times but no difference.  I've changed batteries.  No difference. 


All other buttons work.  


Need Sony to do something.  Best Buy is getting tired of seeing me. 



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Registered: ‎11-27-2016
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Re: Sony Bravia 4K remote problems....

Hi. I have just purchased a 43" Sony Bravia 4k.  I cannot work out how to type in letters and numbers, i.e. alpha numeric, so I can input my passwords.  For example, if I want to input 3dF, I press the 3, which appears, but I cannot get up a keyboard or anything that allows me to type in the letters.  Therefore, to type in "d", I press 3 twice, but instead of it scrolling through the number and letters, it just types in 3 again.  I cannot find out how to backspace delete to delete the incorrect numbers, so when I press Back, it just takes me to the previous page.  Most remote controls allow you to press the number several times to scroll through the letters and numbers on the same key, but this does not, and I cannot see how to bring up a keyboard on the screen.  Therefore I am unable to access any of the apps which need a password, or enter the wi-fi router password, nor my Google password, etc.  I am not sure if I am missing something, or if there is a problem with this particular remote control.;  My neighbour has a Sony TV and he also could not work out why mine was not working.  Thanks

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Registered: ‎11-27-2016
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Re: Sony Bravia 4K remote problems....

Hi. I have discovered how to get the keyboard up on the screen.  When the cursor is flashing in the enter password field, press Enter on the remote control, and the keyboard will appear.  I do not know why they do not mention this in the instruction booklet.

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Registered: ‎09-12-2017
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Re: Sony Bravia 4K remote problems....

The same problems have made me question my continued dedication to your line of televisions. I have always loved the design and construction quality of Sony products and the same goes for the Bravia 4k tv I purchased. However, I have had to resort to using an remote app on my cell phone in order to control my tv. I was especially disappointed after taking a look at the troubleshooting tips. A majority of the steps listed point to a poorly designed product rather than user error. If all my other devices are able to receive ir signals under the same lighting, distance and angle without any problems. Hard to please, perhaps.... but it is my belief that I shouldn't have to reposition my living room furniture and adjust the lighting in order to use the remote you have provided. Turn off the light sensor.... Really!? If that could interfere with the proper functionality of the remote than am I crazy to question the wisdom in placing said light sensor in that location?
Just my two cents...

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