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Registered: ‎08-13-2017
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Sony XBR65X930D 65 - Defective and Poor Service

  1. You buy a new television set for $1999.98 (Sony XBR65X930D 65) from Best Buy.
  2. Have the television installed by Best Buy's Geek Squad for $200.
  3. Television dies 7 months later.
  4. Local Best Buy will refer you to Corporate Best Buy Geek Squad who in turn will put you hand you off to Sony Customer (We could)Care(less) Center
  5. Sony Agent will schedule a repair but will then email you later that same day stating they will just send you a new t.v.  
  6. Over the next week you get to call Sony Customer (We Could) Care (Less) Center every day and speak to a new agent each time who will put you on hold for 5 minutes while they review your case.
  7. You refuse their replacement and demand a refund.
  8. Sony's Customer (We Could)Care (Less) Agents will then email you daily stating that they called you, but you didn't answer, and if you don't reply that same day will close the case (oops, they don't have your correct phone number and their computers have no down arrow keys to scroll down to confirm your phone number).
  9. You give up on a refund, accept their replacement, and as long as you provide your credit card number, they will send you a replacment t.v., demand you remove the defective t.v., pack it up, ship it back and then mount your replacement on your own at your cost.
  10. Your cost = $300 per month for t.v. rental ($2000/7 months) + new installation $200 + $200 original installation = $2400 for a replacment t.v.  A great SCAM for them to margin you up to a new model.


No, this really isn't a SCAM, they offer the same standard service to tens of dozens of consumers who experienced the same thing.


Don't buy a SONY T.V.

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