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Streaming problems on 65X930D

I have a 65 inch Bravia X930D. I recently moved to a new location and since then I've been having issues streaming anything on it. This includes Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and others. My internet connection is sound with DL of 51.60 Mbps and UP of 12.28 Mbps. My Samsung bluray player has no problem with streaming, and I've been using it for the apps that it has. Unfortunately there are some apps that only the TV can get. Does anyone know of any solutions for my problem?
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Re: Streaming problems on 65X930D


Hi, dlynnrobinson86


Welcome to Sony Community! 


We are sorry to hear that you are having this streaming issue with your TV. Is your network set-up the same as before? Were there any changes to the settings or connected devices like the router? Are we getting error messages or codes why accessing these apps? We have an article here that will help us out in isolating Netflix app issue. Certain steps from this link are also applicable to other internet video apps: To further isolate the issue, please visit this link:


Hope these help. 







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Re: Streaming problems on 65X930D

I am having this same problem. I previously owned and still have in my posession a XBR-65X810c AND now own a XBR-65X930D in thte SAME house at the SAME time and are unable to stream HBO NOW and Netflix. 


Problem: X65930D refuses to play Netflix (App opens to an error regarding a network trouble) as well as HBONOW which opens, allows browsing of video content, but content refuses to play once the play command is administered. Beginning with HBONOW... After I press play, the page sets up as if to play, showing the movies controls such as play and the slide button at the bottom used to advance or rewind the video content, then suddenly an screen appears with an error and an OK to close button. All of those buttons appear as fast as they disappear and finally the error "Unable to play the video due to an error, please try again later" within a matter of 1-2 seconds.


Netflix errors after starting the app and it displays it's NETFLIX logo. Shortly thereafter I receive a message "Netflix has encountered an error. Tetrying in X seconds. Code: ui-800-3. My Sony 65X810C has no such error, and is on the SAME network as the 65X930D. These TVs have the SAME menu's and are fairly similar less the type of screens they use.


Clicking more details on Netflix after getting the error helps to display ESN version, Bravia software version, Netflix version, and platform version. I attached photos for viewing. 


In all cases, neither app responds to casting. All devices casting are on the SAME network. 


Network: AT&T Fiber (1GB down / 1GB up (1000 mpbs down/up)) on wifi averaging (400mbps down / 550mbps up)

Attempted to connect this TV to my Linksys AC1900 and my AT&T Arris routers with the same issue. The control TV (65X810C) has zero issues and continues to operate ANY app on the TV which streams any sort of content. I chaged the DHCP mode to Static with the same results on both networks for the 65X930D. 


App Versions:

HBONOW v2.5.0

Netflix v2016.1.2 / nrdlib 2016.1.2 / mdxlib 2016.1.2





Reset new T.V back to factory, unplugged TV from power, reinstalled HBONOW, cleared cache / data from HBONOW. Signed back in after the aforementioned and same results continue.


Netflix seems to be part of the TV software and does not seem to have the same options as HBONOW. So further troubleshooting occured on Netflix, less the network test which passes reachability to Netflix server 1,2,3, but displays an error of NW-4-8-2 displays on the internet connection which also appears to pass the test without failure. 


What is the problem with such an expensive TV that these failures are occurring?



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Registered: ‎09-07-2017
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Re: Streaming problems on 65X930D

Seems all my other apps work fine, but not Netflix, HBONOW nor Amazon Video. But YouTube, Hulu, and some other free movie apps will stream ok.

Sony has taken zero responsibility and in fact blamed my network problems on those 3 apps that don't work. Keep in mind, I also own a very similar TV (XBR65X810C) which is a lesser model which works 100% of the time with 100% of the apps on the SAME network.

I have zero faith in Sony's technicians and troubleshooting resolution. I am a network engineer for 10 years, and this is far from network... regardless of what the app error code says.

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