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Re: TV keeps randomly turning itself on...

Depends on the tv model perhaps?Here,after following the original suggestions,some which I've turned back on, I haven't exited any apps,yet our tv is fine.
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Re: TV keeps randomly turning itself on...


  I also have the same problem after latest sw upgrade. it may turn on randomly day or night and wasting lots of electricity and energy.Sony as a reputation worldwide company suppose to go green and make good product to save energy. Yet, it is doing opposite way.

  I have tried all sorts of things: factory reset, power recycle, check whehterh auto timer is enabled, etc, all are 200% confirm disabled.   My model is KD-49X7000D.

  I have been using this TV for almost 10 months, there is no problem. Issue only started in Aug period after updated to latest firmware or software.

  Can i request Sony to have a 1:1 replacement?





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Re: TV keeps randomly turning itself on...

I have the same issue with my new TV (9 days old). XBR-65X900E. Have reset everything, etc. What do I do now?
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Re: TV keeps randomly turning itself on...

I was hoping the 900E series TV's did not have this problem too. Was looking at making the 65x900E my next tv purchase Soon. My TV is 49x800D, and nearly everyone else's on this thread are the 700D sets. I figured it was a problem with 2016 sets. It's a shame even the newest sets have the problem too.
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Registered: ‎10-05-2017
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Re: TV keeps randomly turning itself on...

We have XBR-65X900E TV as well, and it's turned itself on randomly since we purchased it.  At first, we thought it was a Settings issue so we didn't really pay attention to it.  My partner said he'd get around to messing with the Settings to find out what was going on.  However, it was past the 30 day limit for us to take it back to Best Buy where we bought it before we really noticed the issues with the TV. 


We've looked at auto-updates and also the timer.  Everything is off.  We do not have a USB plugged into the TV either.  It turns itself on randomly during the day and night.  It is startling to wake up and hear the TV with full sound (we have a sound bar connected to it) going on in the middle of the night.  It happened again at 2am this morning. 


Also, our sound bar turns on and off randomly as well.  This never happened whenever we had it hooked to the 55 inch LG we used to have in the living area.  I have read all of the reviews on here and it's good to know we're not alone in this.  This TV was NOT cheap and it seems to me that if Sony is aware of it, they need to find the issue and fix it soon.  I don't like being woken up in the middle of the night by the TV automatically turning itself on, or walking in the house from being at work all day to find the TV on and not know how long it's been on. 


We have decided to turn the power strip totally off before we go to bed at night from now on until Sony finds a way to fix this bug.

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Registered: ‎10-02-2017
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Re: TV keeps randomly turning itself on...

I just got the X900E about 3 weeks ago and the only two things I've been using are the voice app and HBO Go.  Since the TV was randomly turning itself on, I started rebooting it each night by holding down the power button for about 10 seconds until the whole unit restarts and then powering it off for the night, or just unplugging it.  I turned off all of the settings in the TV that allow devices on your network to control and turn the TV on and off, so I know it wasn't that since it was still turning on and off after that.  I used HBO Go the last few nights without the TV turning back on which makes me think it's something to do with the voice feature on the remote.  I'd be curious if anyone else has noticed that it could be attributed to the voice commands.

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Re: TV keeps randomly turning itself on...

It's definitely not related to the voice feature. I don't use voice but once in 2 months. I also use the Comcast X1 as primary remote except to access the TV apps.
It is most definitely the Android system needing a patch. I can use Netflix via Comcast X1 and no rebooting. If I use TV app for Netflix it WILL reboot after use.
Sony posted on this thread they know about the issues. Will take them awhile for a patch/fix as they just released a patch 2-3 months ago which made more TV's self reboot afterwards. Mine was already doing it but not as frequently BEFORE the last update they put out. So rolling back to previous software version is not worth the hassle for me. My TV would still do it regardless.
Hopefully Sony releases the update patch very soon as I feel like the tv could get damaged with the rebooting all the time. Can't be good cycling on/off rapidly.
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Re: TV keeps randomly turning itself on...


Hi Neverendingmods,


Welcome to Sony Community!


Our apologies for the inconvenience that this may have caused. Kindly check your community inbox.  I send a private message.



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Re: TV keeps randomly turning itself on...

[ Edited ]

The "remote start" to "off" in "network settings" did the trick for me. I found it throught a google search. A bit tricky is the fact that in my Sony Brava (KDL32WD757) the item in question is a bit hidden. I had to go to "settings", "network settings" and then to a submenu (last item in network setting) which did show "remote start". It was (default?) on "on" and after I turned it to "off" my tv did not automatically switched on for already about two weeks. Very happy!


Before it sometimes switched on during the night and it switche on in about a few second in about 50 procent of the cases when I switched the tv off late in the evening. Very, very annoying.

Posts: 49
Registered: ‎07-05-2017
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Re: TV keeps randomly turning itself on...

A new software update was release early week of 10/15/17. Mine hasn't done it since newest update so far.
Manually check for update.

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