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Will TV pass ARC audio 5.1 from external devices?

I'm occasionally having an apparent handshake issue between my XBR65X850E tv and STRDH770 receiver.

Someone at the AVR forums suggested connecting all my devices (cable box, Ps4, ps3) to the back of the TV, then having the TV pass the audio to the receiver via hdmi ARC. Will it work that way? Will the tv pass 5.1 from externally connected devices? I have only used ARC in the past to pass audio from smart tv apps like netflix. I want to make sure this is a legit option before i start unplugging everything.

I also kind of like this idea because i think it would mean cutting down on full time usage of the receiver remote, since the receiver automatically turns on with the Tv and i would control volume and input switching quickly with the tv remote. Basically always just leave the receiver on the "tv" input, and i'd only need the remote if i want to change a sound field or speaker setting .
Posts: 51
Registered: ‎07-07-2017
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Re: Will TV pass ARC audio 5.1 from external devices?

Up. Anyone? I am not finding a definitive answer and i really don't want to re-route all my stuff if it won't work.
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Re: Will TV pass ARC audio 5.1 from external devices?

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Here is my suggestion:

  • Make sure the software on your TV and AVR are the latest.
  • Make sure you are using short HDMI cables that are HDMI Premium Certified Cables
  • Connect devices that support Bravia Sync (Sony's flavor of HDMI-CEC) to the AVR
    • Doing this will provide you the best sound performance for devices that support more than just Dolby Digital or DTS.
  • Connect devices that do not support Bravia Sync directly to the TV
    • Some devices have been known to interfere with CEC and HDMI CEC-Less Cable/adapter might be needed
  • Connect the AVR to the HDMI input on the TV that supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) on that model I believe it is HDMI Input 3. ARC can pass 5.1 Audio from sources back to the AVR. It will support Dolby Digital and DTS.
  • Be sure to enable Bravia Sync on all of the devices
  • For devices connected to the AVR the sound path: Device > AVR > Speakers
  • For devices connected to the TV the sound path (via ARC): Device > TV > AVR > Speakers
    • Set TV Speakers > Audio System




  • Use of Bravia Sync is required to support ARC
  • Bravia Sync will allow you to select a Device from the Input menu that is connected to the AVR. For example: a BD Player and a PS4 that are connected to the AVR can be selected without having to use the remote for the TV to select the AVR input and then the remote from the AVR to select the BD Player input.
  • With this setup your apps on the TV like: Netflix will send sound out to the AVR by ARC. 
    • Netflix supports Dolby Digital Plus, so you might see this on your AVR when playing content from Netflix.
  • Each TV input can have one Picture setting, by connecting devices to a unique input you can assign a Picture setting to each input. For example if you have a Game system that input can be set to GAME mode, etc.
  • There are two high bandwidth ports (6Gbps) - HDMI Input 2 and HMDI Input 3. The AVR will consume INPUT 3 and if you have other devices that need High Bandwidth connect them to HDMI Input 2.
    • Please note that for example a PS4 Pro that supports high bandwidth would be a good candidate.
    • However since your AVR supports 4K 60p 4:4:4 the PS4 Pro can be connected to the AVR and you will get High Bandwith
    • Please note that in order to use High Bandwidth you will need to change the settings on TV and AVR to support
      • On the TV - HOME > Settings > External inputs > HDMI signal format > Enhanced format
        • Do not enable this setting by default unless you are using devices that support 6Gbps. There is no advantage and it can cause interoperability issue for legacy devices
      • On the AVR look for a similar setting


Best of Luck

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