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Registered: ‎12-18-2016
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XBR 55 x850D - Some questions about USB power and Standby

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Hey everyone,


Sorry for the wall of text..


2 questions just driving me nuts here.


Got this TV its great.


I got me this in the mail yesterday. Its great especially for a dark room.


It connects to my TV via USB and uses the USB power. I have 3 USB ports. 1x USB 3 and 2x USB 2. I was under the impression that if I plug the bias lights into the USB port on the TV is that the lights would come on and turn off with the TV power.


However that dont happen. I hit the power button on the remote and the TV and Sound bar turn off (or enter standby I guess) but the bias lights stay on. So I assume the USB port is getting power still...however after 15 minutes the lights did turn off and I got all happy...


Then after about 2 minutes they came back on and then shut off about a minute later and keep doing this process.


Is there a way to completely kill power to the USB ports or have the TV stop doing whatever its doing while its in standby mode to stop the USB ports from powering on?


I did disable automatic updates while in standby but that didnt help, also went into the TVs maintenance mode and saw nothing pertaining to power or USB.


Other TVs shut down USB power...but this one doesnt? 


Also finally is there a way to completely shut down the TV with the remote instead of just putting it into standby when pressing the button? That may kill the USB power.


I hold the power button down but all it does is make the TV reboot/restart.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: XBR 55 x850D - Some questions about USB power and Standby

im not having the issues you are with USB, but I am having some major issues with Shaky video during movie playback. 

its a real issue during actions scenes like the opening scene in Capitain America Civil War inside the market.


it feels like im watching a edited version where the Blair witch director re-made it.

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Re: XBR 55 x850D - Some questions about USB power and Standby

Any update on this Sony?

I have a XBR-65X850c  thats running the Android TV OS and I have also pluged in a LED strip to back light my TV that is mounted on the wall but the power does not seem ot go out on any of the USB ports. 

you should update  the software for these TV's so that we can make at least one of the USB ports power go out when the TV is turned off.

Think about what if a person wanted to have a backlight on thier TV in their bedroom? This would be horrible if the light would never go off, when the TV is turned off. 

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Re: XBR 55 x850D - Some questions about USB power and Standby



Stop wasting your time asking the folks at Sony to do anything to keep up with the times.  LED strips on the back of tvs are now very popular.  Lots of them are being sold on Amazon and elsewhere.  The engineers at Sony are oblivious to their popularity.  What's really sad is that even if Sony manufactured LED strips, they would still not configure their tv usb ports to turn off when the tv is off. My workaround for my Sony XBR 43X800D tv was to plug my strip into the auxuliary socket on the back of my cable box, which turns off when I turn the cable box off.

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