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Registered: ‎03-06-2016
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XBR-55X850C Netflix 4k videos produce no audio

Model:  XBR-55X850C

Software Version:  PKG3.307.0101NAB

External speaker bar:  Harmon Kardon SB16 (connected via optical cable)



When using the onboard Netflix application on the XBR-55X850C streaming 4k content, there is no audio.  When the content begins there is usually a pop, then nothing.  If we choose non-4k content, the sound is there.


Switching the sound to the TV speaker does not resolve the issue.  Tried resetting the defaults and reconfiguring from scratch with no success.  When watching from our Roku and or cable box connected via a HDMI cable, everything works normally.


Has anyone experienced this issue?  If so, is there a resolution?  Thank you in advance.



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Re: XBR-55X850C Netflix 4k videos produce no audio

If other apps from the TV work fine, then try below...I'd start w/option 2. I'd also reboot the TV after each change (long-press on Power button on remote) to clear out any other cobwebs. 


An app issue could be an issue with your home network or an issue w/the app service (e.g., "Netflix is down in general."). Check to see if other apps that stream content work on your TV, and also log into the service (e.g., Netflix) on your computer or other device to confirm that the streaming service is working in general.

If that checks out then continue below.

Basic app troubleshooting below:

What should you do when your apps don't work properly:

1. Reboot your TV. Turn it off. Pull the plug from the wall/power strip. Wait a minute. Plut in and boot up the TV. You should see the Sony logo followed by the swirling Android boot animation, then the home screen. If you're using your app to access data on an external device or on your network, reboot that device and your router at the same time. Power everything back up.

Try again w/the app. If that doesn't help...

2. Clear data on the app. Home>Settings>Apps. Find your app in either the "System apps" row (for pre-loaded apps) or the "Downloaded apps" row (for apps you've added from the Play Store). Select the app, choose Clear data, and confirm.

After clearing data on an app you'll have to log back into the app if it requires a log-in.

Try again w/the app. If that doesn't help...

3. Uninstall and reinstall the app (only works if it is an app that appears in the Play Store on the TV.  If it's pre-loaded by Sony you can't uninstall it.

Try again w/the app. 

2015 X850C FAQ for Setup, Picture settings, 3D, HDR, DirecTV 4K, and Troubleshooting.

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