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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

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Duplicate Post

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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

why did you re post this?

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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

I recently purchased this TV and absolutely love it... for everything except for 3D.  While I wouldn't call it unwatchable, its very close to this.  The crosstalk can be absolutely horrible, especially when watching content that is 3D for the sake of being 3D.  (The Universe in 3D, some scenes in Jurasic World, ect)


All of that being said, the TV is truly fantastic for 4K video and 1080p video.  The color replication out of the box is very good and the HDR is a very nice feature.  So if you don't plan on whatching a lot of 3D content, and are willing to purposely purchase a TV with a faulty option due to the fact its other features are fantastic, (Like me) then this is still a good televeision.


Fortunately I did my research prior to purchasing this TV and knew what I was getting into on the 3D front, still, it would be nice if Sony would buck up and admit they have a problem and fix it.  This is not what I would expect from a high end Sony television.

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Registered: ‎07-03-2016
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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

Wow! Your post was a bit of "I'm not going crazy" fresh air!

Last year, I decided to pull the trigger, burn off a few Christmas and birthday gifts in one shot and get the XBR-85X950B.  Phenomenal reviews, phenomenal set...except for the 3D!  

I am a fan of home 3D having experienced exceptional performance on some plasmas and an LED set for a fraction of the price of this Sony set so I assumed this would be, by far, the best 3D I had seen to date (some reviews had suggested it would be)   I was wrong.

There is, as you have observed with your set, a tremendous amount of crosstalk.  Sometimes it doesn't manifest, but most of the time it is running somewhere between distracting to what-the-******-is-that?

A Sony rep through World Wide Stereo advised me on a few tweaks to the settings for the glasses and the set itself.  At best, there has been a minute reduction.

This is all very frustrating because the picture itself in 4K 2D is phenomenal, but I feel a bit...well, betrayed by the 3D promised and the 3D delivered.  

When a set less than 1/4th the cost of this set delivers better results than what was pitched as the flagship Sony television, it's disheartening.  

I would love to see Sony, a company I have been touting to many as being on an impressive comeback, finally follow through with a software or firmware fix for this issue and also deliver on the  HDR update for the XBR-85X950B as well. 

I am now active on this forum and will let you know of anything I hear.  

At the very least, thanks for making me take the noose off off my neck Smiley Happy 

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Registered: ‎07-22-2016
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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

I just purchased this TV this week. My first 3D movie on the TV viewed was Dredd 3D. It did notice quite a bit of cross talk in the very bright scenes off the movie, such as the exterior shots of the city. 


I love watching movies in IMAX 3D and I was hoping to recreate the experience at home. I was torn between this set and the Samsung JS9500. I may have to return this TV and go for the last years Samsung. 


I was hesitant to buy from Sony because I don't feel they are a reputable company. I'll try to watch some more 3D movies and then return the TV. The Samsung JS9500 has great reviews and also does HDR which was another feature I was looking for. 

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Registered: ‎07-23-2013
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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

ok, chiming in after having this tv for a few months.

 I watched Avatar 3D and it was ****** awesome, i watched Jaws 3 3D and it was freakin horrible, i am not kidding............i am starting to think it might not be Sony's fault after all but the manufactures of the 3D Blu Ray movies themselves. i have also watched Predator 3D and it was awesome too....that jaws 3 3d was the absolute worst ever, movie was unwatchable

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Registered: ‎07-03-2016
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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

I had thought that might have been the case and did notice different degrees of 3D performance, however, the top of the line LG set I just bought delivered flawless 3D across all of the films I tested on my Sony 85X950B (which I love, btw) leading me to believe there is an inherent problem in Sony's 3D processing. 

Though I love so much about the upgrade in the Sony line, the inability to get my HDR upgrade info  and any assistance on the 3D issue has diminished my zeal as a prophet of their product line. 

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Registered: ‎07-24-2016
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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D. Do these problems also occur in the 55" set?

Nicely done video showing the bend, poor 3D, and lack of uniformity on the 65" X930D:


QUESTION:   Do these p;roblems occur in the 55" X930D set ?

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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D. Do these problems also occur in the 55" set?

Forgive me for crashing this thread but my model year 2015, XBR-75X850C, had and still has the same issue with 3D crosstalk and I've pursued the issue quite persistently over the past year to no resolution. I had opened a support ticket, made countless phone calls, and posted to similar threads on this forum as well adding my two cents to many similar threads on other forums. As you probably already figured out, Sony will never do anything to resolve this issue because, as they told me and everyone else back in 2015, and are telling you now in 2016, it's normal and within spec. We all know this is completely ridiculous and proves that Sony cares very little about "customer support" or insulting their customers' intelligence, for that matter.

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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

Nonsense! Avatar looks real bad on my set, playing it either from xbox or ps4, using sony's 3d glasses. The crosstalk is horrible.

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