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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

Unfortunately, the individual that are contacted know no more than most of us do. It is all scripted. They are not engineers. The 930D has been a popular seller and the 3D has quietly been shoved into the specifications.


3D has been an issue before and after people complained, it was fixed on most 65X850C's and the 65x850B, so given the history and both sets being 4K, there is no reason other than simply not caring about the small percentage of users that the issue would be fixed. My old 65W850A could turn off the 3D and still play 3D discs in 2D. Not with the 930D. Disney 3D discs restrict playback to 3D only, and even setting a Samsung UBD-K8500 to the 3D to 2D setting also doesn't work.


Now I am stuck with a large number of 3D discs that for all intents and purposes can not be used at all. Most people are not in a position to rip these types of discs to take the programming out to create a 2D disc.


it appears that Sony will just stonewall the issue hoping it will all go away and move on to a new model year leaving users in the dust.


Sony should be ashamed as they penned the phrase "3D invented by Sony" when they can't fix an issue that they have in the past. Fortunately, I paid a reasonable price for the quality of the picture, but a boat anchor for the 3D.




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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

Sorry to banter, but I did want to add that I purchased and returned a 65X900C last year due to the infamous corner and side light bleed. Sony had used the worn-out statement that is was "within specifications." The same term is also being used with the 3D. Not one peorson that I know of has been able to get the "specifications." It's nothing more than air read from a script.

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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

Hi Sony Community!


A variety of factors can influence 3D picture quality. This includes the signal source and type of connection to the TV. Other factors include settings on the TV, extremely low temperature in a room, sunlight and room lighting, electrical devices near the TV, and connection issues with the signal source.



  • The content provider can control the quality of the 3D program you are receiving. Some content providers for 3Dmovies carefully check the 3D video for artifacts and do touch up. We are unable to guarantee all content providers will output the same level of 3D quality on all programming.
  • Live 3D broadcasts, such as sporting events or concerts, do not provide the opportunity for touch-up. Some viewers may notice that the quality of the 3D video may not be the best at all times.
  • The method used by the service provider of recompressing or modifying the 3D contents for distribution may introduce block noise that could create unnecessary contour lines or double imaging.

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot issues related to 3D picture quality or loss of 3D sync between glasses and TV.



  • If model-specific information is required to complete any of the steps below, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the TV. Manuals, Specifications and Warranty information for your Sony product is available online.
  • Before proceeding, make sure that the 3D TV and related components have been set up and working properly.
  • Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the status of the 3D picture after completing each step.
  1. Since the TV and the component source need several minutes to stabilize when they are first turned on, wait a few minutes for the 3D image will appear correctly.
  2. Set the output resolution of the connected device to the applicable picture format for 3D viewing; 1080i, 1080p or 720p.
  3. To get the proper 3D depth and prevent the double image effect, your head should be level; eyes need to be even with the horizontal plane, same as the TV set.

    NOTE: The visible light coming from the TV picture is polarized. The 3D Shutter Glasses work together with this polarized light from the TV to produce the 3D picture. 3D is best viewed with your head and eyes level and positioned as near to the horizontal centerline of the screen as possible.

  4. If using an Active 3D Glasses model, change the 3D glasses brightness setting to low.

    • Using the supplied remote control, while watching a 3D content, press the ACTION MENU button.
    • Select 3D.
    • Select 3D Settings.
    • Select 3D Glasses Brightness.
    • Select Low.


    • The 3D glasses brightness default setting from the factory is set to AUTO.
    • This adjustment will not improve the picture significantly when the viewer's head is tilted. It is only meant to fine tune the picture when the head and eyes are level as mentioned above.
  5. Reduce the Contrast setting which is found in the Brightness setting.  This setting affects both 3D and 2D images, therefore after enjoying the 3D content, restore the Contrast setting to the previous or standard setup.


Thank you,



If my post answers your question, please mark it as "Accept as Solution"

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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

Let's examine the facts---


1) The 850B and 850C had ghosting that was for the most part fixed;

2) The 950B and 930C did NOT have ghosting problems;

3) What is the common thread here? They are all 4K units.

4) The 930C and 930D both operate on the Android system and most likely have the same or similar SOC (System On a Chip).


What can be derived here?


The engineers should be able to determine what changes were made to the 850B and 850C in their software/firmware to eliminate the ghosting and compare that to the software/firmware of the 950B and the 930C to see what similarities the are.


Voila, a simple and common sense approach to the problem.


In all fairness, I retested the 3D with a lowly Oppo BDP-93 to see if a 1080P signal by iteself made a difference. No changes whatsoever. So, common sense dictates that if the signal is the same for 1080P which is being up scaled by the TV and a signal being fed with 4K directly requiring no upscaling, there is something within the software/firmware that is preventing a proper signal to  be translated to the screen. 


So so the simple answer is NO, the problems are not solved with the suggestions. The suggestion is to copy and paste this directly to the engineers to review. I am fully confident the problem can be easily solved if time is taken to rectify it.


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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

Well Sony --- No response, ignoring facts? Contradicting yourself between "can not be improved," and "within specifications." What are the specifications? Please elaborate.

People are viewing this and ignoring the issue just goes to show any lack of consideration to your customers.
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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

If Sony sends a technician to one's home the technician should also have a reference television with them and the appropriate media and media playback device that they claim actually works on this TV.

Better yet, they should just replace my X930D with the Z9D if the 3D works better. I bought this TV specifically for 3D

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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

[ Edited ]

That would be a good idea, but unfortunately, I believe Sony has no reference because they do not know what that is and keep hiding behind their scripted responses and does not have the moral courage to address the issue.


They will just keep ignoring their customers. They simply DO NOT CARE AT ALL!

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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

[ Edited ]



    Myself and two of my friends are also having these major cross-talk issues with our new X930D's. I couldn't believe that we had all gotten defective sets especially since we all got our sets at different stores, so in theory they should all be from different batches. So one of my friends called up and got a bunch of scripted responses that everything was "in specifications." I was floored that this was an official response. So, basically, we are being told that excessive cross-talk is within specs. If those are your "specs" I want nothing to do with it. Since my friend already tried calling, I'm trying here on the forums. I expect a response from Sony promptly, and if there's no acknowlegement of this major flaw, we will all be contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as The office of Eric Schneiderman, the current Attorney General for the state of New York. I encourage others to do the same if you are getting nowhere.


For my setup, here's what's being used:


-The X930D

-Playstation 4

-Hooked up with the highest speed Monster Cable

-Sony TDG-BT500A 3D glasses

-Tried Finding Dory 3D blu-ray, as well as Avatar 3D blu-ray, BOTH of which had almost no cross-talk on my previous active 3D TV

-3D Glasses Brightness set to min

-Contrast at 50 of 100

-Dead on viewing angle, even with the plane of the TV

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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

There was purported to be evidence in class action lawsuits filed against Sony with their previous TV's a number of years ago. One of the causes mentioned specifically were their service agents using scripted information to essentially cover up the problems until the warranty period expired. This is public information.


If if you look at the blogs at, you will see what appears to be a pattern or history of this TV plus others, such as the 65X850C, customers receiving similar "within specifications" explanations as well.


I had a XBR-65X900C which was returned for the infamous light bleed issue. Customers received the usual "within specifications" excuse too. In fact, bloggers reported in some cases the light bleed worsened over time.


Sony needs to handle this properly to avoid any further actions.





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Re: XBR-65X930D faulty 3D

[ Edited ]
I feel bad for all the people who are effected by this issue and the disingenuous response by Sony. I attempted to warn TV shoppers what they are getting into with a video:

I took the issue to Sony America back in the spring and their Corprate shill told me nothing was wrong with the 3D. I was shocked, but what really soured Sony for me was their solution. Get rid of me as customer.

I boxed up and shipped back my second 65X930D and Crutchfield lost hundreds in shipping. I even shared this whole experience with Crutchfield and they felt bad for me and the money they lost. They were angry at Sony.

FYI I was one of the first to have this TV. Day one issue that effects all 65X930Ds.

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