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Re: FDR-X3000 heat issues

[ Edited ]

2 more data points:


In the waterproof housing, +20C ambient, recording, the X3000 overheats and shuts down in 25 mins if external power is being provided. The current drawn is 0.8A so the camera is dissipating 4W so the self-heating is not surprising.


Without external power, the battery runs down before it shuts down (slightly over 1hr).


The above is 4K 100mbps.


Of course someone might say there is no way to provide external power when in the waterproof housing Smiley Happy I have modified mine. But the camera will also shut down when out of the housing, on external power, while recording, unless there is free airflow around it. Lying on a table it will shut down in 30-60 mins. That is not so good and will affect some applications.

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Re: FDR-X3000 heat issues

Just to add to Sony heating issues (off topic of the X3000):


A friend of mine got an HDR-AS50.  His started overheating no matter what  He tried using my batteries, tried different modes, I turned everything off, same results.  Still shut down from overheating in 70 degree weather in about 10 minutes of recording.  He found a solution: buy a 3rd party battery.  


I am thinking that I bought the very first batch of the HDR-AS50 camera and they were perfect.  After that something happend at the factory.  My HDR-AS50 can record for over an hour in direct sunlight on a 90 degree day.  The X3000 and my buddys HDR-AS50 couldnt come close to that sitting in an airconditioned house while not plugged in.

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Re: FDR-X3000 heat issues

This is interesting and surprising, I have an FDR X3000 bought on release day and use it a great deal, always in its waterproof housing.  Heat's never been an issue and it's being used outdoors in Australia, so you'd think if it was going to have problems, this would be a good place for it.


I did find the battery ran down quickly even when powered off, until I got into the habbit of switching off all the wireless features unless I was actively using them.  That helped plenty.


So all I can tell you is, not all of them have this problem - I just picked mine up and it's mildly warm but that's it. 

RIP my poor VAIOs, you were the best

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