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Registered: ‎03-02-2017
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Re: FDR-X3000 resolution problems

It does appear in the sample video compared to the iphone that either digital zoom is engaged, you have it set to the narrow field of view, or using it in the case that isn't cleaned. Video even at regular 1080p is very clear on my camera in wide, medium or narrow mode with no digital zoom. Can you make another video in wide, digital zoom off, and without a case for comparison.

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Registered: ‎04-11-2017
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Re: FDR-X3000 resolution problems


What you could say about quality what I get?

In my opinion picture not sharp and with some noise even in light (sunny) conditions Smiley Sad

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Re: FDR-X3000 resolution problems

You used 120fps, which needs a lot of light.

So even if it is late afternoon, it can already start to get grainy.

It is your decision to either have the possibility of slowing down your footage to 20% speed, or to have a non-grain video in that situation.

Even though the amount of grain is not noticeable unless you actively look for it.
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Re: FDR-X3000 resolution problems

For a low light try to use settings: 25-30 fps and 1080p.

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