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Registered: ‎07-12-2017
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FDR-X3000 underwater screen: possible ?

Hello everyone,


I am a scuba diver and I've been doing some underwater videos for a few years using a famous action cam from another brand. I am currently in the process of trying to find a new and better action camfor teh same purpose.


The FDR-X3000 looks to be the obvious choice, but it has, for me, a major flaw for underwater video recording : no screen. I see that the FDR-X3000 comes with the RM-LVR3 remote that has a screen. From what I understood the RM-LVR3 cannot be used underwater.


So I have 2 questions:

- Is there a way to use the FDR-X3000 with a screen (RM-LVR3 or anything else) underwater ?

- Is it in Sony projects to offer such a possibility ?


Thanks a lot for your feedback,




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Re: FDR-X3000 underwater screen: possible ?

There is no possibility aside from building a container for the camera and the remote.

WiFi can't penetrate water so any remote connection would have to go trough air.

Though I would like to notice, that the camera has a 170° field of view and therefore you are able to frame what you want by just pointing it in the right direction.

I personally would mount the camera on the oxygen bottles (preferrably on a stick) to get a nice "third person view".


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Registered: ‎07-12-2017
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Re: FDR-X3000 underwater screen: possible ?

Thanks for your feedback. I was quite pessimistic about it as I've found nothing related to using a screen underwater with the X3000. I'm quite pessimistic too about the any possibility in the near/medium future.


I've heard many times the same remark about the field of view. The thing is it is not just putting a fish inside the field of view...but it's more about composition and even more about avoiding things you don't want to have on your video: some fins or parts of other divers usually dive quite packed for security reasons this happens very often (and is really annoying when you want to make a nice video).

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Re: FDR-X3000 underwater screen: possible ?

Wow ! extremely useful ! Thanks a lot !




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Re: FDR-X3000 underwater screen: possible ?

Long time UW videographer here. Been using Gopro, last few years the Hero4 Silver. I just bought an X3000. It was a close call between it and the Hero6. Based on reviews, I like the stabilization and color of the X3000 better but the Hero6 is pretty close and has a lcd back screen.


Well anyway, my short term solution will be to mount the X3000 in tandem with the Hero4 on a tray (I already use a tray) and use the screen of the Hero4. If you dive with a tray, it may be cheaper for you to do similar as you can pick up a Hero4 for $150 or less.


I am going to experiment with attaching some sort of "scope" on the X3000 to provide line of sight. I haven't figured it out yet though.


Same goes for an adapter to use lens filters. I know the X3000 has an UW mode that applies a white balance adjustment but there's no way any one WB will work well for variable depths. There's a reason Backscatter sells at least three shades of red for it's filters. And a I need to use my macro lens as the min focal distance of both cameras is around 19" and I like to video the small stuff much closer. Inon makes an adapter but it's $80 and only works with it's proprietary filters. I'm thinking something similar with a 55mm mount would be ideal.

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