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A6500 / 6300 firmware update

[ Edited ]

Now we have another firmware update for the A6500 - V1.02 (,

please don't forget that some for your A6300 customers still waiting for some fixes that have been pointed out since release of this model.


Some of those (but not limited to) that have been posted in detail in this forum include:


> OVERHEATING - raise the temp limits for video alike A6500

> SOFT 1080 - fix video image quality / provide improved downsampling for shooting in 1080 HFR modes

> FIX menu structure aka 6500

> FIX Memory recall/storage issues

> FIX continuous video clips numbering on SD card change

> FIX smartphone remote to access functionality (video touch focus, Picture Profiles, liveview..)

> FIX 25p PAL support for paid apps (timelapse)

>ENABLE shutter button record in video mode 

..amongst others.


most of these issues have been 'acknowledged' and 'forwarded to the team' but nothing has happened. No one really knows if Sony is committed to improving the existing firmwares for this model. This is very frustrating as it seems Sony is more interested in short term gain as long term customer commitment.


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Re: A6500 / 6300 firmware update

Thanks for your useful information. I appreciate it very much.


I'm new to the forums. I am looking into buying a A6300 mainly for video purposes, but have been reluctant due to the overheating issues people have been having when shooting 4k video.


Wondering when they will finally fix the issue? Again, i'm new to the fourms so I apologize if this is redundant.


I've heard nothing but excellent things about sony mirrorless cameras, but as a videographer, do I wing it and buy the A6300 and bank on them fixing this issue (while dealing with overheating in the meantime), or do I put my money towards a Lumix G85 or something more reliable?


Thanks very much for your time, it's incredibly helpful. 




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Registered: ‎04-02-2016
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Re: A6500 / 6300 firmware update


when shooting for extended periods, and or in sunny warm daylight, you might have to do this in 1080, otherwise you will run into overheating issues. Unfortunately 1080 recorded in-camera is quite soft compared to recording 4K and downconvertinf in post.

Re alternative camera, this will also be a question of what sensor size you're happy with as this will (apart from f-stop) determine yor DOF..

M4/3 is FFx2, whilst APS-C (6xxx) is FFx1.5 .

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Registered: ‎04-02-2016
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Re: A6500 / 6300 firmware update

also, keep in mind,

If shooting in 4K (to avoid Soft 1080), your LCD screen will be dimmed.

This is quite painful when shooting in bright daylight, obviously, or on a gimbal, where you can't use the eyepiece...

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