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NEX 7 Panorama issue

I have an issue using the Panorama mode in my Nex-7.  Issue happens with either my SELP1650 or my SEL55210 lens.  Happens whether I'm at the beach or in my back yard.  My shots come out to light - washed out.  Seems to work in the house - but who needs to use it in the house.  I suspect that I'm doing something wrong.  Any thoughts are appreciated.



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Re: NEX 7 Panorama issue

The brightness and focus of the entire image is locked in the first frame of the panorama shot. In cases where there is a great difference between the brightness, color and focus of a scene, the panoramic shooting will not be successful. Consider changing the lock angle and try shooting again.


In general, Sweep Panorama shooting is not recommended in the following conditions:

  • Subjects in motion;
  • Subjects that are too close to the camera;
  • Subjects with a repeating pattern such as tiles, and subjects with little contrast such as sky, sandy beach, or lawn;
  • Subjects with constant change such as waves or water falls;
  • Subjects with the sun or electric lights, etc. that are much brighter than surroundings.

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Registered: ‎09-26-2013
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Re: NEX 7 Panorama issue

In addition to your suggestion I tried the following which I received from another source.  This solved the problem.


"Although the aperture and shutter speed are automatically set by the camera when
using the Sweep Panorama feature, sometimes, certain lighting can cause the
camera to select an insufficient setting. In these situations, you can change
the exposure value of the shots to be taken using the Exposure Compensation
function of the camera.

1. Set the camera to Sweep Panorama.
2. Press down (+,-) on the control wheel or turn the control dial R to adjust the image to your desired exposed value.
3. The positive values give a more exposed look, while the negative values reduces the exposure value of the image to be taken. "

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