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NEX3 and astrophotography

So i am trying to do Astrophotography with my SONY Nex3. and a few days ago my Camera mount came in. i as SOOO happy, but as of today i am very sad. The Nex3 appears to be Practicaly useless for astro photography.
1) bulb mode has to have the button held down for the durtation, in astrophotography, this will wiggle the scope causing images to look bad.
2) on the Nex3 it also appears once the lens is off, you cannot Manually adjust to Fstop it is apparently only adjustable when the lens is on?
3) in fact alot of the features are required to have the lens on to use. therefore i think i kinda wasted my money on the camera and the 80$ on the mount.

what im looking for is if anyone has a mount that will work if the Lens is on dfor attaching to the scope? or the camera mount.

anyone havew any idea oif this?
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Re: NEX3 and astrophotography

The NEX5 has The ability to use a Remote where as the NEX3 Does not. this will help for the shake of tripod shots when using BULB mode.
see page 49 of the NEX handbook. ... ndbook.pdf

As for making F stop and other adjustments, the lens is calculated into the equation since you cannot take a picture without a lens attached.

check into the Alpha Series DSLR camera bodies for more options if you are primarily taking night sky Pictures.
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Re: NEX3 and astrophotography

You can definitely set the NEX 5,6 and 7 to fire when it detects that no lens is attached. This allows you to use adapters and non sony mount lenses. I will check the settings of the 3n and get back to you.

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