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Sony smart remote app — problems

Hello guys,


So I have a sony A7r II (firmware 3.0) and I installed on my Iphone 4s the smart remote app. The problem is when the app is running and the connection to the camera is ok, I don`t have any option to control the apperture and shutter speed on the phone. Another problem is I cannot set the bulb mode when the app is running.


Any thoughts?




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Re: Sony smart remote app — problems

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Hi joaomarques,


Welcome to the Sony Community!

Did you download the latest version of the Smart Remote Control application? Latest version is 4.10.


The Smart Remote Control app allows you the ff functionality

- Trigger the shutter using your phone.

- Adjust ISO

- Control Aperture
- Control Shutter Speed
- Select the Focus Point by touch focus on the screen of the phone
- Adjust EV compensation +/–

- BULB Shooting and Continuous Shooting (version 4.10)


Bulb Shooting in the camera is only available if the camera is set to ‘Manual’ Shooting Mode.


For further assistance regarding your concern, We kindly recommend visiting our Sony Global Web site for
information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/Support/.


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Best regards,


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Re: Sony smart remote app — problems

Having trouble having the camera connect to my iPhone 6 and take advantage of the app...


any sugesstions?




(Hotspot turned on...wifi is seen by the camera but not connecting...firmware, etc is up to date.)

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Re: Sony smart remote app — problems

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Hi Michelsoucy,


Thank you for considering Sony Community!


When you use the [Smart Remote Control] function, a Wi-Fi access point is not required because this camera operates as a Wi-Fi access point.


    1. Install “PlayMemories Mobile” on your smartphone or tablet.

      • To download “PlayMemories Home,” use the following website.

      • If “PlayMemories Mobile” has already been installed on your smartphone or tablet, update “PlayMemories Mobile” to the latest version before starting [Smart Remote Control] for the first time.


    2. Select MENU → [Application] → [Smart Remote Control].

    3. If the camera is ready for the connection, the information screen appears on the camera. Select and input the displayed information on your smartphone or tablet, and connect the smartphone or tablet to the camera. [For Android] [For iPhone/iPad].




Easily connect to the camera via Wi-Fi by scanning a QR code.

Check the tutorial video. [For Android] [For iPhone/iPad].


  1. Check the composition of the image on the screen of the smartphone or tablet, and touch the shutter button (A) displayed on the smartphone or tablet to shoot the image.

    • Touch (B) to set the review display and image saving settings.

    Shooting settings that can be changed using your smartphone or tablet:

    • Self-Timer
    • EV, etc


  2. The image you shot is transferred to your smartphone or tablet.

    • Images transferred to your smartphone or tablet are saved on the smartphone or tablet.


  3. To end [Smart Remote Control], select MENU → [Exit Application] on the shooting information screen of the camera.

    • When the camera and the smartphone are connected via Wi-Fi and you want to end [Smart Remote Control], select [Exit App.] → [Exit].



  • Depending on the radio wave environment or performance of your smartphone, the Live View image may not be displayed smoothly.
  • Depending on the settings for “PlayMemories Mobile,” the following situation may occur.
    • The camera does not transfer the shooting image.
    • The shooting image is not saved on your smartphone or tablet.
    • A smaller size of the image saved on your camera is transferred and saved on your smartphone or tablet.
  • While performing shooting settings using your camera, you cannot control the camera remotely using your smartphone or tablet.
  • The shooting settings that can be changed using your smartphone or tablet depend on the model.
  • All illustrations in this guide are representative images.




Connecting an iPhone/iPad to the camera

  1. Select the camera (DIRECT-xxxx: ******-******) that is detected via Wi-Fi on the Wi-Fi setting screen of the iPhone/iPad.


2. Enter the password displayed on the camera into your iPhone/iPad.

  • The iPhone/iPad is connected to the camera.


3.Start “PlayMemories Mobile” on your iPhone/iPad.



  • When the message “PlayMemories Mobile” requires access is displayed on the screen, press [OK].


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