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What does "camera error" mean?

Every time I start up my NEX-5N, it just says "Camera Error". Nothing preceded this error. I can't see anything wrong. Any ideas?

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Re: What does "camera error" mean?

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Hi rhware,


Try the steps mentioned on the below page to resolve the issue.


CAMERA ERROR or SYSTEM ERROR shows on the LCD screen.


If the message appears frequently, service may be required. You can initiate service request from:


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Re: What does "camera error" mean?

What does "camera error" mean?  It means get out your phone and dial the Sony warranty department.  It happened to me too, and that's what I ultimately ended up doing.  


Hopefully yours is still under warranty.   ****** if its not but at least you can say you got some use out of it.  In my opionion you should NEVER have to send anything back under the warranty time period.  It proves manufacturer incompetence.  But yes it happens.


Icing on the cake for that extra sweet touch?  Sony will not pay for return shipping.  If you want them to repair thier defective got to foot the bill.    Kinda feels like a  "kick em while there down" move.  Thanks Sony : ). 

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Re: What does "camera error" mean?

I have to add to my frustrated initial comment. Sony warranty took care of my camera in an efficient manner. My camera left my house (at my expense) and returned in just under 2 weeks!! I was impressed by the quick turn around time. Sony also offered to give me a comparable loaner camera and I received the loaner almost the next day!! I never lost a job/shoot so I completely forgot about the shipping cost issue. As a total experience Sony handled their product issue very well.