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Registered: ‎08-23-2015
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A 2 fold problem on a7II

(1.) Sony APS-C lens messes up the function settings of a7II
I have been using Sony a7II with only 3rd party primes mounted on the body.
I have a chance today to mount a Sony outofocus lens on the a7II.
The lens model: SELP1650(6225502) E 3.5-5.6/PZ 16-50 OSS
The lens was on Sony NEX 5T purchased 3 years ago.
The problems I encountered tody:
1. AF-C is not in function
menu>camera>focus mode
Enter focus mode
There are 4 option:
AF-S This is in function
AF-C This is NOT in function (It is not lit)
DMF This is in function
MF This is in function
2. Focus area & settings are not in function
Focus area This is NOT in function (It is not lit)
Focus settings This is NOT in function (It is not lit)
Is it all right to use the lens mentioned above on a7II?
Why the aotofocus settings are not in function?


(2.) Can not return to the previous settings

The above problems are not yet solved

So I put my prime lenses back on the a7II
And now I am faced with another problem or the continuation of the problem as said above
That is, I can not returen to my previous settings.
Example, the ISO, white balance and metering buttons are all in grey if fn is pressed.
Please help
How to recover the previous settings?


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