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A77 Lens Compatibility

I'm trying to use a Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 prime manual focus lens with my new A77. I set the camera body to MF and all is well until I press the shutter release. I then get the in-camera message, "Check the lens attachment. If the lens is not supported, you can permit use of the lens in the custom menu."

How do I know if this lens is supported? Where is the "Custom Menu" and what settings need to be changed to permit use? I don't find anything in the A77 Owner's Manual, or the Rokinon manual that makes any sense to me. Is it possible this lens is simply incompatible with the A77?
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Re: A77 Lens Compatibility

You could try to set "Release w/o Lens to Enable" in the menu not sure where it is in the menu on the A77, im going on the idea that since the body cant communicate with the lens its assuming there is not one attached
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Re: A77 Lens Compatibility

Hello Bruce,
Welcome to the User Discussion Forums.

With your 3rd party lens we suggest going with Manual Focus (MF on the dial).
More on [MF] can be found on page 123 of the Instruction Manual:

We would suggest taking your lens and shooting subjects at multiple distances in good lighting ( not direct sun) till you get a feel for what works and what does not work with that lens, If the lens simply will not work properly it is advised to contact the manufacturer of the lens for support of the lens itself.

since you asked, Here is a Compatibility Chart for all Sony Lenses for your SLT-A77 ... dl=SLTA77V
The same link can be found on the home page of the A77 on Esupport

also for your convenience, here is a Konica Minolta™ Compatibility chart for all Alpha DSLRs. Unfortunately we do not provide a list for all 3rd party lenses on our website.
some other manufacturers lenses will work , providing the lens does not incorporate unsupported motors, if the error appears on those, just use manual as with your Rokinon.
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Re: A77 Lens Compatibility

Please follow the advice posted from USER-932754

The problem is in the menus, set to 'release without lens'; the Rokinon doesn't pass the appropriate info to the body so it doesn't recognize the lens. I am not sure which contacts are missing, or if there are even any relay contacts on the Rokinon lens for that matter since it has no electronic controls.

Most adapted MF lenses will act the same way.

Hope that helps! Smiley Happy

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