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Accepted Solution

A99 issues, needs an Urgent Firmware Update!!!

[ Edited ]

just making sure you are aware of this:


there is a generall issue with the a99 and vg900 video:

take a look at dpreview forum and other customers

many are returning the camera back because of this issue

so it worth checking and giving a solution fast


it's probably a codec/compression issue

here are some quotes for the forum


might be very restrictive low pass filter or done something else screwy with the 24 to 2 megapixel down conversion for the video


steadyshot & auto focus in video  does some issues


AF-D mode do not work in video mode , also something restricted in the continues auto focus in video mode


some aliasing & moire issues in video


NEX-VG900 has the same video issues


when connected to ninja 2 those issues are gone

but then the only problem is that atomos ninja 2 supports only 1080i not 1080p at 60fps

so it means that when i shot slow motion i have to settle for the video out of the camera


problems with the video resolution (as well as micro-stutter with AF on). The moire and aliasing is much worse than the a77 and there's an overall lack of detail and sharpness.

None of these things happen in stills mode, so however the camera down-converts the image (line skipping, binning, whatever) has a serious flaw and hopefully Sony can remedy this.


also people are dissapointed that the hdmi output is 8 bit and not 10 bit




anyway , please fix this as soon as possible,

many people are confused about buying this camera

because of this issue,

the camera has great potential , and takes great stills

i want to see it takes great videos too Smiley Happy








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Re: A99 needs an Urgent Firmware Update!!!


Thank you for your suggestion. I will forward this to Engineering team for review.

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Re: A99 needs an Urgent Firmware Update!!!

thanks Smiley Happy
could you repley what they say is the problem that causing it, and how they are going to fix it, and when will it be fixed?

thanks! Smiley Happy
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Re: A99 needs an Urgent Firmware Update!!!

Note to Sony:  This is scary.  I recently bought an A99, and I can see the value of my investment deteriorating before my eyes because of the video problem.  


The A99 is a superb still camera.  I'm about to post an Amazon review that will point out some still-photography magic that even your own people don't seem to have discovered.  


You chose to ignore the myriad complaints about the poor balance of sharpening and noise processing in the A900, and people still bash that camera's noise performance.  This video problem is even more serious.  It needs to be fixed yesterday!  Your loyal customers are countiing on you.  You can't afford to let us down again.

Tim Naff

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Registered: ‎11-28-2012
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Re: A99 needs an Urgent Firmware Update!!!

[ Edited ]

totally agree , this needs to be fixed as fast as possible,
it's critical!
and sony shed some light about what causeing this problem


i want to buy this camera probably till next month but those issues are delaying my purchase(my first sony product),

and many others are confused whether to purchase it or not,

and some customers getting dissapointed and returning it


this camera has a lot of potential, please fix it fast



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Registered: ‎12-03-2012
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Re: A99 needs an Urgent Firmware Update!!!

Okay, since I made my last post, I've tested my A99's video.  I did a quick test indoors and then a test outdoors in daylight.  I saw NO problems with sharpness.  I looked at results on a high-res 27in screen from three feet away and NO problems.  Remember, that screen is WAY higher res than 1080p.  What about the focus hunting?  Nope.  Now if you go sweeping the camera around you'll cause things to get out of focus.  After all, you've got a 3.5 aperture on a full frame camera.  It is what it is.  If I had something to shoot that was critical, I'd either go manual at, say, f/8 or f/11, or I'd rehearse my camera movement to be sure that the focus would do what I wanted.  


I contacted Gary Friedman, the Sony camera guru, and asked him what he thought.  He now has an A99.  He saw the complaints on the Web and did his own tests and reached the same conclusion I did.  Gary is not in Sony's pocket; he's a straight shooter (no pun intended).  


I'm going to do one more test.  Tomorrow, if I'm allowed to, I'm going to shoot a state championship high school football game.  I'm going to bring my video results back and give the files to an engineer that I work with (a Canon guy with no dog in this fight).  He has his own audio/videography company.  I'm going to have him go over my results and see what he thinks.  I'll report back.


Meanwhile, Keep the Faith.  The A99 is a killer still camera. I wouldn't trade mine for any still camera at any price, and I've owned and used Hasselblad back in the film days.  


I'm not saying there's no problem.  I am saying that if there is one, it can't be a big one on my camera or on Gary's.  Both he and I got ours very recently, which could mean ours don't have a problem that occured on the first ones off the line.  

Best to all,


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Registered: ‎11-28-2012
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Re: A99 needs an Urgent Firmware Update!!!

[ Edited ]

check this out

here olympus is sharper


also this is a good one of the a99


it's a great stills camera,

only the translucent mirror, prevents it to be number 1,

because canon 5d mark 3 can shoot stills and videos with an higher iso with clearer details

after that the a99, second in stills , but should be number 1 in videos,

but appreantly it doesn't live up to it's promises


on the hdmi out everything works good



maybe it's something with the codec, they make it soft to prevent aliasing and moire,

or because of the downsampling to 2k from 6k,

maybe because of the line skipping,

they should take the whole pixels from the 6k

not any other line , then when they take a photo like a still,

reduce it's size using bicubic sharper interpolation,

it maybe slower but a lot sharper

or do something better than 5d mark 3 90mb/sec ALL-I codec

maybe do the video bitrate at 250 mb/s All-I

and output 14bit 4:4:4 signal out of the hdmi

this would be great

or even better if it can output 6k without downsampling



will be happy to see a video test that you and Gary Friedman shoot,

post it later





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Registered: ‎11-28-2012
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Re: A99 needs an Urgent Firmware Update!!!

also check out this comparision with nex5n and a99:


for some reason the nex seems sharper

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Registered: ‎11-28-2012
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Re: A99 needs an Urgent Firmware Update!!!

any news about the firmware fix?


meanwhile a lot where dissapointed from the video that a99 produces , just look here,


these is a critical problem to fix in the downsampling/codec compression

please make a firmware update fast



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Registered: ‎11-28-2012
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Re: A99 needs an Urgent Firmware Update!!!

any progress with fixing the A99 / Nex VG900  video problem?

did someone at sony tested it or working on it?

i gave you many examples of the problem


this is really important!

a lot of people are waiting for an answer and firmware update that will fix it

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