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Alpha series missing capabilities: 1) GPS integration, 2) Motion detection firmware, 3) A compact lens & 4) 6K recording.


I’m looking to upgrade a couple of my cameras with the Sony Alpha 6500 as a carry-everywhere work camera and an RX10 III, for its telephoto capabilities.  However, there are a couple of low to no cost features missing which can make photography difficult or impossible. 


1)  Unlike the iPhone and Android cameras there are no internal nor hot-shoe GPS options with Sony, which makes it extremely time consuming to manually catalog or manually search through 50,000 images in order to find the 9 photos that were created in a particular area.  Naturally, without losing the camera’s GPS data when walking indoors, turning the camera off then back-on again later.  


2)  Also, there is no low cost internal motion detection firmware that could automatically record the presence of events, such as: vandalism, violent crime, the continuing survival of an endangered species or illegal deforestation, (which we appreciate are not notable problems in Japan), whether recorded as a still image or as 4K video clips, which can be saved in memory or emailed over a Micro-USB to Ethernet router connector, all of which could potentially be left operational for years at a time.  The standard security or web cameras that are available are typically of inferior quality or are AAA battery and Wi-Fi dependant, naturally in order to look cute, but ultimately requiring continuous maintenance to avoid failures.  Naturally, any existing Sony camera, with a little firmware could constitute a valuable security resource, which could be kept operational around anyone’s home, business or used as a car-cam. 


3)  While the Sony Alpha 6500 is small enough to be a great take-it-everywhere camera, however the only compact general purpose lens available is the E PZ 16-50mm F3.5 to 5.6 OSS.  Could the vignetting, distortion, resolution and the contrast be brought closer to the much larger Zeiss E 16-70mm F4, which has 7 additional elements, of course at a higher price, or alternatively by simply maintaining the edge to edge sharpness and contrast, then providing software corrections for vignetting and distortion whenever needed, in order to assist in reducing the optical design complexities.  


4)  Naturally, I’m ready to shoot 6K video whenever you make it available and apparently some of your hardware may already be capable of delivering such video resolution, which could also be advantageous in stabilizing video image movement, such as when hand holding a 6K camera or in providing more timely still images, along with providing the equivalent of 70mm motion picture camera, resolution which apparently did benefit motion pictures.  However, not when introduced in 11 quickly made black and white 70mm “Grandeur” films of 1929-1930, nor in the sound stage musicals of the 1950s.  As expected, this capacity began to make sense in the more capably directed epics such as Laurence of Arabia (1962), Kubrick’s Space Odyssey (1968) and The Hateful Eight (2015), a capability which is now no longer a cost burden for any production, that can also offer significant cost reductions.  Unfortunately, all the studios felt obligated to be in direct opposition to the rare writers and directors who mysteriously understood how to decipher such matters of life and death, which are designed to impact everyone, including the efforts of Orson Welles, a glaring management problem that Sony founder Akio Morita openly railed against during the 1980s, apparently resulting in Sony Pictures, along with his capable and beneficial guidance that ended too soon.  July 20, 2017  



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