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Battery drain on a6000 - HELP!

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Went to an event today - last night the battery was at 100%.  By noon today I go to shoot some photos and the battery was exhausted - EXHAUSTED!  ZERO PERCENT! Smiley Sad Well I'm exhausted too - I have babied this thing. I have a lot of money tied up in this camera and I've gone from one problem to the next.


This camera has already been back to Sony for date and time issues last fall, I was told the firmware had been updated.  Is there new firmware?  Is it the remote?  Is it airplane mode?  - C'mon Sony Airplane mode even when the camera is switched off?  


Sorry too if my terminology is off.  Sorry sorry sorry.- please forgive my pathetic ignorance - i'm tired of getting my face ripped off by the posse of know it all trolls on these message boards.  And sorry for all the attitude but I'm bitterly dissapointed, I was so looking forward to shooting today.  


I'm one bad trip away from throwing this away and chalking it up to another hard life lesson.


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Re: Battery drain on a6000 - HELP!

Have you tried another battery?

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Re: Battery drain on a6000 - HELP!

No - the camera is less than a year old. 

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Re: Battery drain on a6000 - HELP!

same issue here, purshased in dec 2016, abysmal battery design, sony should step up and send new tech to all owners



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Re: Battery drain on a6000 - HELP!

Here are some tips from Sony A6000 Manual that prevents fast draining of battery:Smiley Happy

  • Turn off all of your camera’s wireless connections
  • Turn off stabilization
  • Turn off automatic sensor cleaning
  • Turn off image review (and stop chimping)
  • Turn down your LCD screen’s brightness
  • Turn off your camera between shots
  • Replace batteries that are dying faster than they should be
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Re: Battery drain on a6000 - HELP!

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Thanks - my point exactly -I suppose it's not that bad, just something you have to manage thats all.  


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Re: Battery drain on a6000 - HELP!

I have to heartly agree with everyone on the battery issue.  it is pretty bad.  I am sure Sony could do much better and give everyone a fix to this "problem"  as this is not a cheap camera.  I have had many Nikons (D750 etc- Pro cameras) and I can shoot up to 200-300 frames before replacing those batteries on a trip.  With this camera I purchased 3 batteries as the reviews were sooo bad on the battery usage. Also I agree that you should not need to turn off so many functions to increase battery life!

One thing I feel Sony should have done is having the ability to turn off the Live Screen view and allow users to use only the viewfinder.  This would extend the battery life a lot.

Come on Sony step up to the plate and improve battery life!!!!!!
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Re: Battery drain on a6000 - HELP!

So to be clear,


Right now there is no real solution to battery drain other than charging mid way through your day at a power outlet nearby.  


Sony, do you have any usb powerpacks that you are recommending such as Milone 5200mAh or that you produce?  


As a parent attending regular day long soccer Tournaments half day battery life is just not acceptable.  Missing a game to save battery for later game is not an option.  


I would welcome an update to your progress.



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Re: Battery drain on a6000 - HELP!

Hi All,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Sony takes into consideration all feedback to improve the performance and quality of our products and services. We're always looking to make Sony better. 


We'll definitely forward this concern to the proper department.


You can also post your suggestions and ideas at the Join the Inspiration page. 


We appreciate your time sharing this feedback.




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