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Dear Sony, now's a good time for an A7R III

Hi Sony! I'm sure you're reading this, so I'd like to request an update of the A7R (and also A7S) product line. I know there's virtually no competition on the market of mirrorless cameras, but I want you to stop resting on your laurels and come up with an awesome update.


Some things that would be nice include:


  • A sensible menu system that works. A7RII menu system is a mess and leaves users confused. Talk to your Usability department.
  • The automatic EVF switch is currently broken: you move your stomach to the camera and within a second the external screen is off. There needs to be better algorithms for detecting when EVF is required and switching to it only if you are sure that it's the user's eye in their, not just them brushing the hand against the camera accidentally.
  • Battery life in the A7R/S series is a huge epic fail and something needs to be done about this. Also, please make the battery grip fit 3 batteries instead of 2 (yes, there's enough space in there) and please allow the camera to charge via USB when the grip is connected (it currently doesn't).
  • Please fix the HDR mode of the camera to actually make it usable. At the moment, it's a bit of an afterthought and doesn't work well. Do some research and make it top-notch!
  • Please fix once and for all the overheating issues on A7R 4K video. You haven't fixed them with the latest firmware update, it's still there. I don't care if you add a heatsink in behind the screen, but this issue needs to be fixed for people to have confidence in recording multi-hour 4K runs (and yes, I know about the 30-min limit, it doesn't really exist thanks to OpenMemories).
  • Speaking of video, 4K@60 would be nice.
  • Please add weather sealing to the camera. Also, the sensor cleaning mode is a joke right now, consider looking at how your competitors do it.
  • Consider adding dual SD card capability (size change wouldn't be significant, right?)
  • A fully articulated monitor. The current monitor set-up looks flimsy.
  • Please don't limit the set of actions that can be assigned to a button; all actions should be assignable.
  • Get rid of that ******, annoying, infuriating locking pin on the dial!
  • The video recording button needs to be fixed because right now, it's just an unusable joke and a terrible example of usability.
  • The current WiFi connectivity set-up with QR codes and whatnot is subpar and you know it. Please make it more usable.
  • Improve camera handling. Currently, the camera - with or without the grip - is difficult to hold. Look at how Canon/Nikon scult their cameras and take a hint. Realize that just because you have an SLT doesn't mean you need to cram it into the smallest shape possible - that hurts usability. If you make a slightly bigger body and put in a better battery and improve handling, I don't mind.
  • Front and rear dials on the camera have to be of better quality. Currently they are thin, flimsy and I feel like I might break one just by turning it.


Some obvious stuff:


  • Support faster SD cards
  • Support USB 3.1
  • Improvements to AF, ISO etc.
  • Don't obsess over the megapixels... what we have already is pretty good. Sure, increase it a little, just make sure image quality doesn't suffer.


Oh, and if you want to reach God Mode of camera design, consider making a camera with a 24x65mm sensor (a.k.a. Digital XPan). This would be probably the most epic creation ever - sure it will require some new lenses and filters, but the publicity alone would drive the sale of ordinary 3:2 cameras. Do it! I even have a name for you: A7X Smiley Happy

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Re: Dear Sony, now's a good time for an A7R III

Hi Mezastel,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Sony takes into consideration all feedback to improve the performance and quality of our products and services. We're always looking to make Sony better. 


We'll definitely forward this concern to the proper department.


You can also post your suggestions and ideas at the Join the Inspiration page. 


We appreciate your time for sharing these suggestions.




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