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Milky Way Chasers

I have an A850, A6000 and A7R2 and was going to purchase the new 9 series full frame till I read this.


I love my A7RII and A6000 however Sony consistently employes a nearest-neighbor algorithm for reducing noise in Bulb shots (and with the new A7RII firmware, it now does the same thing for exposures over 3.2 seconds long!). What this means is that if I'm taking photos of the night sky, I loose a bunch of stars to this noise reduction algorithm and don't get a natural looking representation of the actual star paterns/formations in the sky. I understand Sony is trying to best serve the broader photography community but there is a segment of astrophotographers who have been excited by the A7 series but have stayed away from serious adoption due to this problem. While I would love a firmware update that would resolve this, perhaps a middle ground would be a for-purchase app that enables true RAW recording without this form of noise reduction? I know everyone into astrophotography would by the app and most people who do serious astrophotography are already doing their own noise reduction routines through subtracting dark frames, etc... so the built-in software "fix" wouldn't be missed. This would however enable high-fidelity recording of the night sky which is important for some of your customers. I'm attaching a link to one such discussion about this problem. I really hope you can come up with an app for astrophotographers (for at least the A7RII/A7SII and perhaps the A6000-series). Thank you!"


I seriously hope you guys (SONY) is working on a solution for us astrophotographers, milky way chasers, night sky photographers. I have been very loyal to SONY and MINOLTA and really hope there is a solution forth coming. This information is spreading like wildfire through social media sites like FaceBook and night sky photography forums. I imagine it will affect your bottom line as there are 10s of thousands of astrophotographers woldwide and it's really a shame as a very viable and cheap alternative would be to offer a firmware that offers long exposures with no filtering of hot pixels. Thanks so much. Levi

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Re: Milky Way Chasers

There's another thread on this issue.  It used to not occur until the v.3.0 firmware update.  Sad Sony won't make it optional.


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Re: Milky Way Chasers

I have followed the other thread since it's origination and I don't see ANY evidence that Sony has acknowledged any of it.

Anthony's bot like (just sayin....) canned "we care" response is completely meaningless to me, and no further "dialog" offered, 63 posts later.

Personally, I think myself and my a7S v3.2 are doomed in this regard.

Somewhere, someone suggested the possibility of legal action and while I'm usually the last to endorse anything like this, It seems a potentially valid idea after having a seriously expensive camera crippled by a firmware update that renders it useless for it's intended purpose - Like buying a new car and having its top speed reduced to 28 MPH. Sorry, it has been a long time lobbying for change (way before the "other" thread) with zero evidence of even honest concern or acknowledgment let alone action. I've had it. Sony, think I'm joking? Just google "star eater"

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Re: Milky Way Chasers

[ Edited ]

You can find further documentation on this issue in a blog article here...

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Re: Milky Way Chasers

Perfect for tomorrow morning's cup of coffee. Thanks

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