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Partially blurred image with SLT A57 in PASM modes

DSC01238.JPGAfter taking about 40 exposures today, I suddenly saw what looked like a gray screen covering about 70% of my viewing screen, being divided into three vertical zones (camera in normal landscape position), with only the central 30% looking normal. Upon uploading the photos to my computer, they indeed look as though the left and right portions of the image are fuzzy - only the central portion is in focus.  


Has this happened to anyone else?  I had taken a raft of images before this and had never seen this effect and, needless to say, it's certainly not what I wanted!  Hope someone can help.

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Re: Partially blurred image with SLT A57 in PASM modes

Some lens brands may have issues with the electronic front curtain(that allows quick shooting between shots while remaining in focus) in that the lenses in question can't have the camera adjust their apertures correctly between shots; hence when you shoot...the shutter may shut before the aperture has had a chance to adjust leaving sections to blur.  Try turning the front shutter curtain to off when using off brands other than SONY or even with the sony lens to see iff the issue corrects.  Their might be a an issue with the mechanical  main shutter not closing before the sensor "records the image" caising a blurr.  The almost circular pattern in your picture suggests aperture blurring as the shutter closes.  Might be an issue with the aperture slider that opens and closes the lens aperture as well.

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Re: Partially blurred image with SLT A57 in PASM modes

It seems that the camera's miniature effect was enabled in this photo. The miniature effect creates an image which enhances the subject vividly, with the background defocused considerably. Please press the picture effect button on your control wheel (down direction, marked by an icon of a paint palette) and select [Off].

If my post answers your question, please mark it as "Accept as Solution"

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Re: Partially blurred image with SLT A57 in PASM modes

Thanks for taking the time to reply.  I think I failed to explain my problem in a clear way.  The first thing to notice is that the problem ONLY occurs when the camera is set to one of the PASM modes. Photos taken in one of the "intelligent"  modes, for instance,  are perfectly normal. Second, if I turn the camera power on in the Manual mode with the lens cap ON the lens, it is clear that there are grey rectangles on each side of the LCD screen or the eye-level finder. I should also note that this happens with all my lenses, but the photo I posted was taken with the "kit" lens, the Sony SAL1855.  Close examination of the full size photo, not the small version I posted, shows that the focus is sharp in that central zone from the top of the frame to the bottom; there are very sharp lines between the in-focus image and the fuzzed up parts of the image. There is most definitely not a circular pattern to the clear image, which should eliminate the possibility of an aperture iris problem.  I tend to think this is a software problem within the camera, but I cannot (yet) be positive.  Thanks again for your help. 

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Re: Partially blurred image with SLT A57 in PASM modes

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Francis G:

You nailed it!  Thanks so very much. Thinking back, I must have been looking at the possibility of using some other feature of this camera - there are SO many -- and inadvertantly set that miniature mode. I'm glad that there is not some problem with the camera itself.  Again, MANY THANKS!

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