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Registered: ‎03-05-2017
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Please fix the a6500 4k HDMI Info. Display output with external monitor !



i used to shoot with my a6000 while connected to an external monitor and it was showing all the info while recording, so i decided to upgrade to the a6500 for the 4K ability only to discover that i cant see the recording info on my external monitor !!!! 


i use the camera to shoot vlogs and i bought the monitor because there is no flip screen in the camera!


so now i cant shoot myself in 4k because i cant even see if the camera is still recording or overheated and stopped or the battery is low and will stop at any moment !!? 


so this make the whole camera useless to me ! 


please fix this on an update !! this is seriously silly specially when you can get all the info in 1080p and everyone who bought this camera to shoot vlogs on 4k is outraged about this because we already bought external monitor !!!! 


thanks .

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Registered: ‎10-21-2014
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Re: Please fix the a6500 4k HDMI Info. Display output with external monitor !

Hi Hozz,


You cannot monitor recording on an external monitor if Recording Format on this camera is set to XAVC S 4K.


For further assistance, please contact the Sony offices/Sony representative offices nearest to your place of residence in Asia Pacific region at Due to proximity, they are in a better position to respond to your questions or concerns.


If my post answers your question, please click the "Accept as Solution" button.




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Re: Please fix the a6500 4k HDMI Info. Display output with external monitor !

Has there been any update on this? I don't understand why we are unable to see the Info when shooting 4k but it comes through just fine in 1080p
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Registered: ‎08-02-2017
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Re: Please fix the a6500 4k HDMI Info. Display output with external monitor !

[ Edited ]

I know this thread isn't new, but "Accept as solution?"  You did absoultey nothing to address the issue, all you did was confirm the problem that the OP addressed in her email.


An answer might have been some solution to address the problem-- perhaps a hack, or workaround?  It could give details of proposed solutions.  Even, as a suggestion, working to address what is an OBVIOUS problem.


To wit, the Sony Alpha A6500, which I've just purchased as have many people for the purposes of vlogging in 4k.  One of the biggest and most often noted drawbacks to the A6500 is that the screen doesn't pivot outward, so vloggers NEED an external monitor in order to compose shots, and make certain of shot integrity.  One of two things makes that work: an external monitor, or a flip-out screen.  Only one of these things works for people that have bought the camera prior to Sony's making the latter, absolutely obvious correction to the line.


But an external monitor doesn't work.  Confirming that it doesn't work, doesn't help anyone.  We know that; it's why we're asking the question.  When will this be fixed via firmware?  Tomorrow?  The next day?  Are there new, supported monitors where this is no longer an issue?  Does Sony realize that it's a very real problem to people that have spent a LOT of money to opt for their product to use professionally?  What are they doing to address the problem?


Someone, please answer the question with some or all of the above information.  Probably won't help the original poster, who's no doubt moved onto another brand of camera (while bad mouthing her beautiful A6500), but maybe it will help those of us that haven't yet given up hope.



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Registered: ‎08-02-2017
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Re: Please fix the a6500 4k HDMI Info. Display output with external monitor !

I want an answer to this problem. I bought this camera for vlogging and It did work for a while with an external monitor but quit about a month ago. I even sent it in for repair and just got it back and guess what. STILL doesn't work on the external monitor. What did you do to the camera to make it stop working Sony?!
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Re: Please fix the a6500 4k HDMI Info. Display output with external monitor !

One possible workaround, which I have tried and worked, is to use PlayMemories Mobile on a smartphone or iPad. there is a little delay, but the image is displayed on the phone/ipad. and you can also control start and stop and some other settings remotely.
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Registered: ‎09-15-2017
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Re: Please fix the a6500 4k HDMI Info. Display output with external monitor !

That is exactly the same work around I have had to do.


Since Sony refuses to listen to our wishes of having a screen that faces forward, we have have still spent good money on their technology (despite it falling short on forward facing display), and you would think the one thing they would make sure they support is our ability to output the signal of the video we are recording to an external monitor, but nooooo!


Especially when we need to be watching the camera closely due to overheating problems (another shortcoming we overlooked) or making sure it is actually recording or making sure something we just put in front of the camera has gone in focus etc ,etc, etc.  We are a "one person team" when we create content for YouTube.  We obviously care about creating quality content, since we chose a decent 4k camera; so why wouldn't you think we would need to monitor the recording?


For a company that seems to have such a handle on the needs of their consumer base, I feel Sony has fallen completely short with the a6500 for vloggers.  Why not listen and make a solution for us YouTube creators?  And if not creating a product that meets our needs directly at least better support our work arounds to your shortcomings (I should be able to output my recordings live to a monitor, geesh)!


OK, back to the work around to the work around... using a smartphone with PlayMemories in remote mode.  I used a smartphone holder I had that already has a 1/4 by 20 on it, attached that to a bracket that has 1/4 by 20 on one side and a clamp on the other to attach below my camera on the tripod leg.  I then secured one of my USB battery charge packs with velcro and ran one USB cable to my smartphone and a second one to the a6500.  This keeps them both topped up on battery.  Once setup, it actually is pretty quick to come up, connect and start displaying output from the camera.  Granted no where near 4k video or 1080p for that matter, but good enough to frame and keep an eye on focus and onscreen info.  I just use my old smartphone that doesn't even have phone service on it, and just use it on WIFI for the screen.


WORD OF CAUTION...  if you are using an active cell phone, don't forget to put it vibrate :-O   Once I used my real phone and got a couple of calls during recording LOL...


Come on Sony, step up your game.  Listen to us, there is huge, let me repeat, a HUGE MARKET out there for HD Vlogging setups.  And most people looking for them, can't even consider the a6500 because of the lack of a forward facing monitor.  While we are on the topic of wishing, could you please add a headphone jack?  spend some time out there on forums, social media platforms, YouTube, etc.  You could build the perfect HD vlogging setup if you would just listen!

Posts: 35
Registered: ‎09-15-2017
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Re: Please fix the a6500 4k HDMI Info. Display output with external monitor !

Man, I wish there was a "Thumbs Down" option, because I would give this response a big thumbs down!  How about a reason behind the missing cabability, a possible timeframe, work around, etc. 


If we take our money and spend it with another company, will YOU "Accept THAT as Solution" ?   Come on Sony, you are much better than this.

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