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Registered: ‎11-13-2017
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Sony A6000 making clicking noise in videos

Purchased the Sony A6000 recently after reading positive reviews in this website and others. Since I was going to a wedding and hadn't yet tested taking videos with this camera, I decided to test it to see how it will come out. I didn't expect any problems as taking videos is pretty much straight forward.


So I tested taking videos with it by walking inside my house. It was pretty straight forward video with out-of-the-box settings. When I looked at it on my computer I noticed two BIG problems with it, that I consider pretty shocking considering this is a Sony product.


Issue #1: there's a loud clicking sound through the video. This is constant. I believe this could be the autofocus on the camera. I vaguely recall reading this in the Sony product documentation. But I have not seen this mentioned anywhere in the reviews. But when I search for it in Google there's quite a bit of hits on this, so I'm not the only one experiencing this. One solution that's recommended is to use an external mic. Great, I thought, I have a Rode mic, so I can use that.
Except there's one problem... there's no mic input in this camera. And the only way to put a mic there is to buy a mic from Sony (cheapest one costs $159 U.S.).


Issue #2: Parts of the video is showing jagged lines. In some parts is so bad that the video is basically useless.
Given these two major issues, the video function in the Sony A6000 is BASICALLY UN-USABLE and pretty much USELESS.

One huge reason why I chose this camera was because of the Sony brand and the positive reviews it had. No other camera that I own, including a Nikon DSLR, has these big problems taking videos. How does Sony even release a product with two huge problems that basically makes it useless to use? OR IS MY CAMERA DEFECTIVE ?


My question is: is issue #1 a normal thing or could my camera be defective?


I've seen this in the manual:

When using the zoom function while shooting a movie, the sound of the camera
operating will be recorded. The sound of the MOVIE button operating may also be
recorded when movie recording is finished.


I was not using a zoom. I was only walking throughout my house, indoors.
I see this was reported in this forum in 2011, so it appears it was not fixed.


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