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Sony Ax6000 Settings Help for a Indoor Horse Show

Hi all - 


I am having a difficult time getting good shots of my daughter's indoor horse shows. Pictures are not that clear and pictures I take on my Iphone are better. Please help!!  Is there a way to attach a few pics here as an example? 

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Re: Sony Ax6000 Settings Help for a Indoor Horse Show

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There are three factors related to exposure:

  • Shutter Speed - The length of time the image sensor is exposed to the light passing through the lens.
  • Aperture - The amount of light allowed to pass through a lens to the image sensor.
  • ISO - The sensitivity of the image sensor to the light it detects.

Shooting indoor sporting events requires using a fast shutter speed to reduce motion blur due to subject movement. That means you must compensate for the short exposure time by opening the aperture to accept more light (which will decrease the Depth of Field, so proper focus is crucial), or increase the ISO (which will increase image noise).


Since few indoor sports venues have sufficient light to allow exposures where flaws are not apparent, it's difficult to provide all-encompassing guidance on how best to capture the action. (The only indoor sports venues that do have sufficient light are the ones with television contracts, btw.)


For indoor equestrian events, 1/200 is a good shutter speed, so the motion blur is limited to the hooves in motion. You can go slower, but you'll get a lot more motion blur.


Sporting events in general require fast, long lenses. Due to the physical size of the subject (horse and rider) and the physical size of the venue, you can get away with a medum telephoto lens (50mm to 200mm), albeit with a large aperture of f/2.8 or larger (numerically smaller), and the larger the better. The lens also needs to focus quickly to avoid focus errors on fast moving subjects.


Sony's FE 50mm F1.8 (SEL50F18F) ($249), E 50 mm F1.8 OSS (SEL50F18) ($299), and FE 85mm F1.8 (SEL85F18) ($599) are all good, reasonably priced choices. If you want to go all out, there's Sony's FE 70-200 mm F2.8 GM OSS (SEL70200GM) ($2,599). Personally, I'd go with the 85/1.8.

Once you have a good, large aperture, medium telephoto lens, you can play with the aperture and ISO until you have a balance that you can live with.


BTW, while macro lenses might have the focal length and maximum aperature I suggested, they are slow to focus, and so are not appropriate for shooting sports/action.


Also btw, the reason your smartphone takes good photos in that situation is because the image sensor is so small that you have a virtually unlimited depth of field so focus is never a problem, and the aperture is large (f/2.4 or similar) so the ISO can be low enough to avoid image noise. The only real failing is the focal length.

:Lastly btw, all the lenses I mentioned are available for rent at

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Re: Sony Ax6000 Settings Help for a Indoor Horse Show

Thank you very much!

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