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Sony a7 rii needs more dynamic range on the high end, first of all

Dear Sony,


The Sony a7 rii is phenomnal overall.   I use it for high end professional work.   The resolution is adequate.  One thing falls short: its ability to capture highlights.   It seems to max around what would normally be zone 8 (if we can still make reference to Ansel Adams' zone system.   For instance, a highlight of light reflecting on aluminum foil in a normally lit room appears ever exposed.   


This is the kind of quality discussion I'd like to see more of.   Luminous Landscape in a review of the new medium format camera compared images with the a7 rii and found them almost identical in sharpness.    Congratulations.    They did not discuss dynamic range though.   


I'm impressed by the advances in dynamic range on the low end of the exposure scale.   The a7 rii does very well here.


I would ask for this one major improvement -- increase the cameras ability to capture detail in higher range exposure values.   I maxes out very quickly.   This leads to images that feel more constrained, less spacious, less film-like and natural (percpetual).   


My request would be the acheivement of an extra stop of dynamic rage in highlights.    This would be great leap forward for the a7 camera line.


I think the emphasis in development must be on low end expsure -- this allows low light capture, handheld images in low light, etc.   It also provides a richness of detail in lower exposure values.    There are many reasons a consumer driven development path would favor low light, and I have read that Sony intends to give this more emphasis in coming years (in addition to more emphasis on rapid, almost continuous, capture).   We need to round out the picture and increase dynamic range on the high end of the exposure scale.   Then it will truly be a camera high end professionals can rely upon.


Please consider this improvement for future models.


A new a7 rii with 50 mp and expanded exposure range on the high end would be most welcome!


Thank you,


Jason Mandella

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Re: Sony a7 rii needs more dynamic range on the high end, first of all

According to the results of objective test results published on DxOMark's website, the 42MP A7R II has a dynamic range that far exceedes that of the 50MP Canon 5DS, but falls short of the 36MP Nikon D810 by about 1/2 stop at ISO 100. The Nikon does have an ISO 64 setting that the Sony doesn't, which gives it about a 1/2 stop improvement over the DR at ISO 100.

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Registered: ‎04-16-2017
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Re: Sony a7 rii needs more dynamic range on the high end, first of all

Thanks TCav,


I will read the report.   I have a lot of faith in the A7R2.   Most post was meant as a wish list.  From practical experience, my guess is that the Sony exceeds the other cameras (or at least the Canon) in lower exposure value dynamic range.   I am just seeing more edginess, and lack of detail in the higher exposure values with my Sony.   That said, I am holidng it to a high standard, comparing it to a Mamiya DM56 medium format camera I also use (which exceeds in high ev dynamic range but falls short on the low end -- where the Sony probably beats it!).    


I posted this as an addition to a wish list for Sony's future developments and improvement.    I want to get it out there because there's a lot of emphasis on lower exposure values, as it relates to better handheld and night performance which there is obvious consumer demand for.   I'm hoping future development can emphasize dynamic range across a wide exposure scale, not just on the low end.   


By the way, the Sony A7Rii has a lowest ISO setting of 50, and it does have 64...


Thanks again for the reply,



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