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Alpha - SLT & DSLR Cameras

Tuning Up
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Registered: ‎11-19-2013
Accepted Solution

Sony a7r

I am upset with Sony's product development team. I purchased the a99 Oct. 2012. Now they have released the a7r with a 36mp full frame sensor that is not compatible with my A mount Ziess lenses. THis seems like a poor way to treat customers who have invested $$$$ in their product. Any comments?



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Registered: ‎11-19-2013

You've got to be kidding, right?

How does the creation of a new product class - the full frame E mount camera class - in any way lessen your investment in Zeiss lenses for Alpha mount?


In any case, perhaps you've managed to miss years of development of Alpha to E mount adapters, made by Sony, precisely so you can run your Sony (and Zeiss) Alpha mount lenses on *any* E mount camera, including the new full frame A7 and A7r cameras.


Check out the LA-EA4 Alpha to E mount adapter and then come back and tell us how Sony somehow doesn't have your back!

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LAEA4 works with the A7r

LAEA4 works with the A7r  ... in fact on a  50mm f1.4 ZA SSM  the AF is almost as FAST !

Think it is the SSM  combined with the Faster processing in the A7r sensor (guess)


Now, the Rumor is ... 36mp to come to the A-mount too.   Think about it , it makes sense.

And would have IBIS , and probably Faster.

But the A7r  has the SIZE advantage.


I am shooting the A7r + LAEA4 + 50mm f1.4 ZA SSM  ... Love it.   Size Advantage over my D800 with the same IQ

Am I waiting for a  A-Mount  36mp "r"  ... YES !      ... Faster and IBIS


Read Sony Rumors site. Smiley Happy



Ross Hamamura
SONY ALPHA Camera Ambassador
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Registered: ‎12-04-2013

Re: Sony a7r

Your answer lies in the LA-EA4 adapter, which allows you to use your A mount lenses on the A7R with full AF and even SLT capabilities. Rest assured your investment in A mount lenses is secure Smiley Tongue

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Registered: ‎12-04-2013

Re: Sony a7r

Before you buy the a7r know they have already admitted that they are releasing another version of both next year with the upgrades missing from this round such as in camera IS, geotagging, and a few other features. Be glad upgrades are at least better .... I'M LOOKING AT YOU MICROSOFT

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Re: Sony a7r

Re "admitted" ... Citations or it isn't factual.


IMO the A7 / A7r cameras can stand on their own through 2014; I'm not expecting any serious updates until 2015.


Instead Sony should, and I do beleive they will, focus on lenses for the FE class cameras.

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Re: Sony a7r

Depends upon what the competition may do.  Lenses will likely be the domain of Zeiss.  For 2014, I expect more firmware tweeks, especially for uncompressed RAW, improved jpg, etc.  For the 2ndGen cameras, I would like to see much more rugged camera bodies (no plastic whatsoever!) , more capabilities for studio work, a smoother quieter shutter, very fast auto focus, the IBIS, faster EVF for sports, fully customisable buttons and dials, put the lens release button on the other side!, and slightly larger bodies for larger hands (which could house a much larger battery)  In other words, take an excellent design to the next level, which could be a real competition-killer.