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Strange bokeh on Sony 35mm f1.8

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Hi there,


I'm getting poor bokeh quality with my 35mm 1.8 and I'm wondering if this is normal. It almost looks more like motion blur than bokeh in some cases. I looked over some reviews and sample photos from elsewhere and they seemed okay.


These are two example photos shot with my 35mm at f1.8 using the a6000: (check out the detail on the leaves) (this one is pretty obvious)


What do you guys think?








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Re: Strange bokeh on Sony 35mm f1.8

Motion blur is almost always directional, like a smear. The blur you're getting is very generalized. (Note the blur around his ID badge against his black shirt.)


Unfortunately, that lens isn't very sharp at f/1.8 except in the very center. In the second shot, that would be the guy's forehead, but even that isn't very sharp. I suspect that you've got a combination of factors at fault, the first being that, at f/1.8, that isn't a sharp lens, and the second being that it wasn't focused properly. Other factors might have contributed to the results you're getting, but I think that's the two main causes.

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