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When Will a Firmware Update be Released For The A99II

The A99II has major AF limitations at present.  Its fixed f/3.5 aperture in video mode and lack of continuous auto-focus in manual mode needs to be addressed quickly.  The camera is not cheap.  Those of us who purcased the camera in Canada spent upwards of $4600.00 including tax and before warranty.


The limited of AF points available for Minolta's G-Series lenses is upsetting.  Those of us who are longtime A-mount users still operate Minolta G-Series lenses that should have been some of the first lenses supported by Sony.


My understanding was that Sony were going to support these lenses as if they were their own otherwise I wouldn't have continued using the a-mount and would have switched to Canon.




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Re: When Will a Firmware Update be Released For The A99II

Also A99ii suffers from star eater issue. Based on my tests and understanding, the start eater issue on A99ii is as bad, as it was at it's worst with A7Rii. A7 (and now A9) series have got improved algorithmn, but no any improvements deployed to A7-series have take place in A99ii.


I feel really bad that first Sony communicated strong commitment to A-mount and released A99ii, but gives absolutely no support on A-mount and fix no clear bugs in firmware, like star eater, over heating and focus/lens compability issues stated in a post by Super_Duper above.

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Re: When Will a Firmware Update be Released For The A99II

I'm also interested in this topic.  I know of a couple of bugs that I feel could easily be squashed and certainly it's possible to get a larger camera with most of the internals of the A7rIII to handle heat as well as the A7rII.  Finally, I've got to believe in 1.5 years with several cameras there has been learning on the 4D focus algorithm that could be upgraded.

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Re: When Will a Firmware Update be Released For The A99II

I agree that the camera is (way) overdue for attention from Sony.  There's a responsibility when you sell a product; the great companies (like Fuji) understand this, and I hope Sony will step up to the plate and do the right thing.  Obviously most Sony users don't even know about this forum, so Sony: if you're at all interested in customer satisfaction, take note of the specifics in these posts - and also pay attention to other forums (e.g. DPR); it's difficult to remain loyal to a company that doesn't demonstrate loyalty to the customer.

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