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Re: connect a5000 to iphone

... ignore my post, got it sorted and can sync the camera now!! The instructions are working ok!!!
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Re: connect a5000 to iphone

Summary: cannot use A5000 with any iOS device; camera will not show QR code; PlayMemories will not connect to camera; cannot log into Sony account from camera as camera falsely reports network issue; have managed to transfer a photo from camera to iOS device




Having recently purchased an A5000 for my child, we are having major difficulties setting it up:


 - firmware 1.10, apps all freshly downloaded, tried connectivity on iPhone7/iPad Air2/iPod 6 - all failed


 - we have tried two routes to get connectivity:


1) via the 'Smart Remote Embeded' app on the phone which prompts the direct SSID connection - like many other users on this forum the camera/app just sits there on the 'connecting ...' screen and does nothing until the iOS device reports 'Failed to get status information for camera ... restart ... wifi off/on ... retry' - we've done that >3 times on each device


2) tried to connect via the PlayMemories Camera App on the camera. The camera is able to get out to the Internet from that link - tried the 'Smart Control Update' to v4.3 link. The website on the camera then asks for Sony Entertainment Network Account (which we have). Clicking 'yes' then takes us to a web-style sign-in page on the camera - before we can enter credentials there's a pop-up 'Could not connect to the server. Set the correct Area/Date/Time and verify the Network Settings' - needless to say that's all checked as correct.




(a) we *have* successfully transfered one photo from the camera to the iPod using these instructions: so we know the camera/iOS devices can see each other


(b) the QR does not appear on the camera as per


Please advise how we can get these basic steps reliably up-and-running. We have reviewed the content of this previous thread. If we need to call a helpline/email a (UK) support rep., pls give us the contact information. Thank you

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Re: connect a5000 to iphone

Hi Jondcarroll,


Welcome to the Sony Community!


I sent you a private message. Kindly check your inbox.




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Re: connect a5000 to iphone

I haven’t solved the problem, keep trying to share the pictures to my Iphone 7, but the process stops in ‘sharing’, once I check the Play Memories App nothing happens. I’ve tried with Android devices but it doesn’t work either. NEED HELP!
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Re: connect a5000 to iphone

The camera is a Sony A7, which I just bought.

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