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dslr body with best dynamic range?

Hi all,


  I'll admit I keep thinking the mpx has something to do with the dynamic range of the body itself, but i keep forgetting it's the sensor that has to do with it. Idk anything about the sensors, I purchased my A7ii solely off the fact my friend (who's a very talented photographer) sold his Canon 70D and got an A7ii and recommended the body to me. My question being, say if I were to shoot with the Zeiss 55 1.8 (the closest sony native lens I have w/o usage of an adapter), which body would I get the best dynamic range with in general, if it were between A7ii, A7s, and A7r? I very rarely crop my photos so in a sense, I guess I could say MPX doesn't matter to much to me, I care more about shadow and highlight detail recovery more than anything else. TIA! 

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Re: dslr body with best dynamic range? publishes the results of objective tests performed on cameras, including tests for dynamic range.


Of the bodies you mentioned, the A7 II, the A7S and the A7R, they all have about the same DR until the ISO is set at about 3200 or higher, when the A7S outperforms the others. See


Click on the Measurements tab, then Dynamic Range.


If you compare the A7 II with the A7R II and the A7S II, the A7 II falls short of the other two, but again, only when the ISO is at 3200 or higher. See


So with a large aperture lens in regular shooting conditions, there's not much difference.

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