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slt-57 shutter speed maximum locks at 1/160 sometimes and won't adjust higher! help?

I notice in manual mode using a variety of lenses, that the camera won't allow me to adjust the shutter speed beyond 1/160.  In auto modes the camera will adjust aperture or iso but the shutter speed maximum never gets beyond 1/160.  I haven't tried sport mode yet to see if the problem disappears.  Sometimes turning the front shutter curtain off helps but it still shows up even in the middle of a shot....I'll set the shutter speed at say 1/500...then it will inexplicably revert back to 1/160.  I can adjust to lower speeds down to bulb but it won't adjust higher than 1/160.  Putting in a fresh battery seems to help temporarily for a few shots but then the problem reappears.  It does seem to be intermittent with the problem not showing up at all...  Is it a setting issue or an overheat issue?  Does seem to happen in the mornings which makes me think moisture and condensation some where.  I first noticed it using my 30mm sony macro lens...battery was at 60 per cent but it had been in the camera a while.  Turning off and on helps sometimes.....Are there hard stops when it comes to exposures and limits I don't know about?

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Re: slt-57 shutter speed maximum locks at 1/160 sometimes and won't adjust higher! help?

The camera's flash sync speed is rated at 1/160th of a second. Whenever you are using the camera's built-in flash, you will not be able to set the shutter speed any faster than 1/160. Please check if the issue occurs without flash use.

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