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Blu-Ray - General

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My Western Digital 1TB portable USB hard drive does not get detected on my BDP-S370. When I plug it in to my friend's LG BD560 it works fine. What could be the issue? Btw, the drive is formatted in NTFS cos it contains MKV files larger than 4GB. Despite for the fact that I am using the latest firmware version (0742) will I ever be able to plug and watch movies using my 1TB portable USB drive via the BDPS370?

Any help is much appreciated!
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Re: 1TB USB2.0 PORTABLE HARD DRIVE not detected

Hello, Welcome to the forums.

The BDPS370 player can recognize Mass Storage Class (MSC) devices (such as flash memory or a HDD) that is FAT-compatible and non-partitioned (FAT32). This Blu-ray player will not recognize NTFS drives. FAT32 can recognize up to a 2TB partition.

Please review page 32-33 of the users guide for more information.