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BD-S3500 and HDMI switcher

I just purchased a BD-S3500, and when I connect it to my 3 port HDMI switcher, it does not pass signal to the TV. It works fine when connected directly to the TV, but I only have 1 HDMI port on the TV, and need to share it with other devices. I have also tried multiple HDMI cables. Is this a HDMI security feature, and can it be disabled? My older Samsung Bluray player had no issues running through the switcher.

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Re: BD-S3500 and HDMI switcher

Hello djderive, thank you for your message. Welcome to SONY Community!


Follow the steps below if the HDMI® connection between your TV and other device is not working:


NOTE: SONY does not guarantee the compatibility and functionality of any HDMI switcher. 


1. Make sure both the TV and other device are turned on.
2. While turned on, unplug the power cords for the TV and device from the electrical outlet.
3. Disconnect the HDMI cables from the TV and other product.
4. Wait 2 minutes.
5. While the HDMI cables are disconnected, plug the power cords back into the electrical outlet.
6. Turn on the TV.
7. Re-connect the HDMI cables.
8. Turn on the HDMI-connected product.


The TV should now detect the HDMI signal from the connected device and operate normally. If there is still a problem, disconnect the HDMI cable from both products and then reconnect it in the opposite direction. In some situations this has been reported to resolve connection issues.


Hope this post helps you. 

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Re: BD-S3500 and HDMI switcher

The issue was two-fold; the Sony Blueray player HDMI output must be less than 5V, so the switcher was not recognizing the signal. If another HDMI device was sending active signal and the Blueray was selected as the source, all was well. the switcher accepts a DC 5V power source (but was not supplied with one). Once I purchased a universal AC adapter and connected it to the switcher, the Blueray signal came through normally.

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Re: BD-S3500 and HDMI switcher

thank you, i like it post..

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