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Kit Rookie
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎04-16-2017
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BDP-S3500 After Update constant restarts

I updated the software on my Blu-Ray Player today. It did not display any error messages during the install.


After the update was complete, the player now restarts immediately upon booting. I cannot do anything on the menu, as it restarts immediately upon starting. I cannot open the disc tray, as it is completely unresponsive.


Is there any way to reset the software?


It has been over a year since we got this player, so I do not think it is still under warranty.

Posts: 714
Registered: ‎11-04-2016
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Re: BDP-S3500 After Update constant restarts

Hi Kit,


Welcome to the SONY Community!



We regret to hear that this issue started to happen after upgrading the firmware. Unfortunately, we cannot revert or reset the firmware to the old version. However, we suggest attempting a power reset to resolve this issue. To perform the power reset, press and hold the POWER button on the front of the Blu-ray Disc player for 10 seconds. The Blu-ray Disc player should turn off. If it does not turn off, unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet. This steps can be accessed at this link.


After performing the above steps and we can access the menu perform a factory reset:



Hope this help.



Best regards,



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Kit Rookie
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎04-16-2017
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Re: BDP-S3500 After Update constant restarts

"If my post answers your question" - It does not.


My problem is basically that I can do nothing BUT power resets. I counted today and roughly 10 seconds after it turns on, it resets. It does so constantly so long as it is plugged in.


There is nothing touching the power button. It is not physically depressed, as I can push it and it clicks down.


I leave it unplugged now.


Thank you. I look forward to buying a new Blu-Ray player. (That's sarcasm)

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